New Videos Coming Soon 

A bit of news to share this Saturday evening. We're thrilled to be working with Mike Pugh and Goose Creek Music and Entertainment editing some video from the last big concert; the Treasures in My Chest release concert at our hometown Franklin Park Arts Center on March 6th, 2020. We've heard from a lot of people for whom that was the last time they'd been out for a concert or public event before everything shut down. 

So needless to say, it's kind of emotional looking back at that concert, and thinking about…

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The Beginning of Returning: Live Shows Announced 

Real shows in the real world in real life. Three in person shows on the calendar, beginning July 7th in nearby Upperville VA, a shared bill with my dear pal Tony Denikos. That means I get to play some electric guitar on his songs as well as playing some of mine. 

If you'd like to host a show, in person or as a Zoom event with farflung family and friends complete with picture show along with a whole bunch of songs and stories done live, let's do it. My first road trip at this point is Sept 25 & 26 to Capon…

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The Nor'easter Recording Project 

Thanks to what could be best described a series of miracles, or narrowly-averted disasters, Andrew's first original recording with his hard rock ensemble Nor'easter is in our hands and in our computers. Recorded in 1989 to 8-track reel tape, Calm Before the Storm is a full album project that was never finished in production. As summer kicks off Andrew and engineer Dustin Delage are painstakingly bringing this album to life, 32 years later. For much more, visit the Nor'easter page here.

A Sale for St. Patrick's Day 

You don't have to be one of the 32 million Americans who claim Irish ancestry to enjoy a treat this St. Patrick's Day. From now through midnight Friday 3/19, you can get the companion set of Treasures in My Chest album and book from right here for a total of just $20 via our Venmo (please add your mailing address when you do it!). You can order as many copies as you like, with different recipients even if you'd like to buy gifts.

If you prefer, use your credit card securely through our Square here for…

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Planning 2021-22 

March 12, 2021

While we will be processing and unpacking the effects of "the lost year" for a long time to come, the time has also come to plan forward in some fashion. It is likely Andrew will do some outdoor solo performances around the mid-Atlantic this summer, but we're cautiously looking at autumn for a limited return to the road - most likely to the northeast, but perhaps also across the Rust Belt. Whatever we wish to do for indoor, listening room performances like we did in the past, their viability…

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VCA Awards Funding for Virtual Performances 

We are thrilled, grateful and relieved to again be a part of the Virginia Commission for the Arts Touring Roster, which means that eligible presenters anywhere in the Commonwealth can get up to 50% of Andrew's performance and workshop fees reimbursed. What is new is that 1) virtual performances are now eligible for funding as long as they include an interactive component, and 2) the 30-mile exclusion zone is waived, meaning that local Loudoun, Clarke and Fairfax County presenters can take advantage as well…

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Save 30% on Discs & Downloads 

It's our best sale of the year, and an opportunity for you to directly support my work AND get unique gifts - signed and shipped by me the next mailing day after your order. Save 30% - full album downloads just $5.60, discs for $8.39, and live concert downloads for just $7. Treasures in My Chest paperback book and album for just $17.50. Or download the entire discography - 6 studio albums, 2 full solo concerts plus the One Virginia Night album recorded live with Andrew McKnight & Beyond Borders - 9…

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Holiday Shopping - Unique Gifts While Supporting Artists Directly 

We don't need Black Friday or Small Business Saturday to help you deliver some great and unique musical gifts to your family. Sure there's Treasures in My Chest for the family history buff, or CDs and downloads for the music enthusiast, but how about a custom one-of-a-kind like a special song video dedication, a video guitar or songwriting lesson or three, a set of "Good things matter" thank you notes, or something else?

Have an idea? Get in touch and let's plan the perfect gift in time to be waiting under…

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11th Annual Winter Holiday Vidcast 

I've been video webcasting (livestreaming) a Winter Holiday evening from home for over a decade now - but I had no idea last Christmas that a global plague in 2020 would make livestreaming my primary live performance venue. Nonetheless, we'll keep the tradition now more than ever - to bring cheer to the season, joy to your heart and gifts to your hearth with the benefit of all the broadcasting tech and techniques we've learned this year. It's a full concert taking a few requests as well as bringing a few…

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A Special Spiritual Musical Offering November 29th 

Please join me Sunday November 29th at 7pm EST for this short informal interfaith gathering and musical meditation of remembrance and gratitude; a non-religious "time out" to rest your weary spirit with words and music. In addition to a few musical pieces, I've brought together some poetry and prose that brings me comfort and inspiration in these long nights between All Soul's Day and the New Year.

In the northern hemisphere, these shortening days from the falling of the leaves to the glint of sun on snow…

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November 28th House Concert - via Zoom 

Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend is often a lovely time for a concert. Guests visiting from out of town, everyone ready to get out of the house and have an entertaining evening, and....

Well, we aren't doing much of the holiday traditions this year, but that means that we can be creative about how we stay connected even in our physical isolation. House concerts are among the best community art experiences one can have, where you can meet new friends while breaking bread and perhaps enjoying a libation while…

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Events for Family History Day June 13-14 

To help commemorate National Family History Day June 14th, Andrew has a busy weekend of activities planned.

• Saturday June 13th at 11am, he'll offer a free one-hour workshop "The Gifts in Our Genes" on his YouTube channel.

• Sunday June 14th at 8pm EDT, join him for a full-length concert including a wealth of songs and stories from Treasures in My Chest. Get your tickets now at the Tour page - you won't want to miss an entertaining evening in your own living room!

New Treasures Family History Video Series 

On National DNA Day, Andrew kicked off a new series of Treasures "Livestreaminars" - part DIY family history, woven together with music and stories from Treasures in My Chest. The series is free through his YouTube channel, and each one offers a tip on family research and using DNA evidence. While each episode is loosely connected to the book, those starting into family research will certainly learn something useful from each video.

NEXT UP: June 6th, 2020 at 11am EDT, "Our Ancestors Who Gave All, Part II."

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Treasures in Top Ten on the Radio Charts 

It's been exciting here to see Treasures in My Chest on folk and acoustic radio playlists from around the world these past couple of months! It charted at #7 for February on the Folk Radio charts maintained by the Folk Alliance International, and #11 for the month of March. We're grateful to the DJs and programmers who've been kind enough to share it with their audiences. The most-played songs from the album have been "Aretas Culver," "My Little Town," "When My Time Comes," and the title cut.

Many thanks to…

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2020 Tour Update: Everything Changed - And Still Is 

Like every touring artist in the world here in the spring of 2020, Andrew's live performance schedule is in a state of suspended animation while the global pandemic is "in charge." There's a lot to say about the artistic, emotional and personal elements of these times - Andrew is keeping active on the blog and social media.

Thankfully we are well prepared in two ways for these times.
1) Andrew has been vidcasting from home several times a year for over a decade, and now the world is getting used to…

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Join Us - The Treasures Celebration Concerts  

March 24th marks the official release of Treasures in My Chest when the book drops to Amazon, Barnes and Noble etc. The album hits Spotify, iTunes and the other digital services on February 28th. But we'd love to have you at one of the celebration concerts in person!

The hometown show is at our Franklin Park Arts Center in Purcellville VA on Friday March 6th, complete with the recording band! Andrew will be joined by longtime friend and Beyond Borders bandmate Lisa Taylor on drums, Lincoln neighbor Michael…

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Music Week at the Mountain 

Join the fun during Music Week, "Mind, Body and Spirit in Harmony" from April 12-17th at the beautiful Mountain Retreat and Learning Center in Highlands NC. Andrew is honored to be joining fellow singer/songwriters Tret Fure and Friction Farm to help you learn more about music and your abilities to make music. You’ll learn new music and techniques in a gorgeous setting in the southern Appalachians of western North Carolina. Focus will be on voice as well as instruments. Bring your dulcimers, flutes, drums…

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More Songwriting Workshops for Young Writers 

Andrew is thrilled to return for a 3rd year of teaching songwriting workshops for middle and high school students as part of the Chords of Courage Step Up! Songwriting Contest. Open to any students from 6th to 12th grade attending school in Frederick County, Maryland, the contest "encourages them to use their creativity to write dynamic and powerful songs about people of particular courage." Andrew's workshops help students to break down "writer's block," develop lyrical structure and use elements of basic…

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New Website and E-Zine Host 

January 30th we migrated the website from its old host to its new home at Bandzoogle. As with most website migrations, not everything is perfect so you may find broken links and missing images here and there during your visit, and we greatly appreciate you letting us know what you find missing as well as how the new site works for you! We may well "re-skin" the website with new look sometime in the late winter/early spring, but our focus for the next few weeks is getting Treasures in My Chest into…

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