Eight Ways You Can Help - Little and Large!

"I have chosen this independent path to share my music with you and the rest of the world because I'd rather not have corporations standing in between you and me and controlling our access to each other. It's a simple equation: take my music directly to you and people like you, by every and any means possible.

And if you're reading this, you are willing to help, and I can't express how much that means to me. You are vital to keeping this grass-roots thing going, so I want to make it easy. Are you part of an organization that could use one of my songs? Do you have a project we might collaborate on? Your enthusiasm is contagious, and the best marketing I could ask for - please don't keep me a secret!

Here are some ideas - click available links for details:

1. Tell a friend, or ten, or a thousand. Share a video from my YouTube channel, or your favorite song complete with lyrics and liner notes. Whether it's sharing a post or a page on Facebook or Twitter, a playlist of your favorite songs, or simply turning a friend on to a CD when they visit, it all helps spread my music to new listeners. Word of Mouth is still King in the 21st century.

2. Suggest Andrew McKnight & Beyond Borders for next year's lineup at your favorite summer concert series or festival! (Hell yes we'd love to play Merlefest, Kerrville, Floydfest, Falcon Ridge, Philly Folk Fest, Watermelon Park:)

3. Write a customer review at Amazon.com, iTunes Store or CDBaby.com, or on your blog/website. Three words or three sentences, your comments and ratings might inspire others to listen! Use this handy linkmaker page at CDBaby to make a graphic link for your blog to buy the CD with one click.

4. Host a Concert - it's easy to do. Or suggest a library program or school workshop to your local community. See where and when tours are planned here.

5. Request my music on Radio; whether it's your local community broadcast station, SiriusXM, or social radio like Pandora, Spotify, Soundcloud, Reverbnation, Earbits, Deliradio, Rdio, etc.

6. CDs make Great Gifts, one at a time or in bulk - a guaranteed unique gift for the music lovers in your life, or your conference or other group. Contact us for a quantity discount if you're buying a bunch for friends, a social group, attendees at a conference, etc.

7. Get creative! Set a slideshow to a song, make your own video, turn a concert or candid photo into a piece of art. A fan is helping to collect and edit Andrew's essays for a book. Another arranged one of my songs to sing with a choral group. Want to help us assemble a video? Make a piece of art that we can use on some merchandise perhaps? Artistic talent and creative projects most welcome. (Heck, sing one of my songs at an Open Mic and share it with us!)

8. Donations always help keep the wheels turning and the music coming - thank you for considering that! We've got a few projects that we can bring to life with a few dozen, a few hundred and/or a few thousand dollars. Your investment makes you a direct patron of the arts, and helps this artist bring new music and related merchandise right back to you.
Contributions small and large help directly and a whole lot - www.paypal.me/AndrewMcKnightMusic

These are challenging times, and more than ever I take nothing for granted - most of all, the support of fans and friends. Without people to play the stereo or come to shows none of this would be possible.

It doesn't matter where you are; if there are 50 or 200 people in your local neighborhood or within an hour's drive, that would join you in coming out to a show, that's enough to make it worth our while to bring the tour bus to you.

Thank you for daring to care; to look for music that means something to you instead of something mindless filling space between commercials; for having the faith in me and my art to be supportive. I am blessed and lucky, and I could not do it without you. I promise to do my best to continue to make music that excites you, inspires you, heals you, or just plain rocks your body!"