"Making the Leap" Livestream Concert

(EST, UTC-05) (EST, UTC-05)

The "Make-a-Living" Room, Lincoln VA

Leap Years only come around once every four years, and I couldn't resist cooking up some mischief for the occasion of a February 29th. And in keeping with the spirit of the occasion, I'll try out some rare things and maybe some new ones too. It's also the first night of the international @RootsTech conference for family historians and genealogists around the world, so it seems prime for a healthy dose of "Treasures in My Chest" in the setlist. As usual, I'll take a request or two, and an hour plus of connection and community through song and story is a very enjoyable time. I look forward to making you (and anyone you get to join you!) welcome in the front row of the "Make-a-Living Room". As always I do these freely without paywalls, but your DONATIONS are gratefully accepted at http://andrewmcknight.net/donate via Venmo, Square or PayPal - thank you for helping me to keep making music and my livelihood! To join in the Live Chat to say hello from wherever you are, simply log in to one of your Google properties (gmail, Google Drive, YouTube).