Updated 1/2020

Often the difference between breaking even on a tour and actually earning a decent living is a couple of concerts, workshops or a Special Music Service to fill out around the weekend's dates:

  • Fri. March 13 - between Baton Rouge & Houston
  • Sat. Apr. 11 - southwest Virginia or western NC
  • Apr. 24 and 26 thru May 3 - New England, NY and NJ
  • Mid May 2020 - Looping Lake Michigan, so Michigan one weekend, Upper Peninsula and northeastern WI during the week, Wisconsin and Chicagoland on the other weekend
  • mid October - west from Virginia to Colorado and back!

We welcome help trying to fill open dates while Andrew is on the road, whether it's a weeknight "Songs in the Parlor" dinner concert for a dozen people, a library program, or a Friday lunchtime marketing workshop for small arts-oriented businesses. Andrew's popular "Telling America's Stories in Song" elementary school workshops involves musical time travel through American history! Radio, TV and internet shows are always helpful in getting Andrew's music to new audiences.

If you don't see something specific in your area, just drop a line and let us know what you are thinking about. Or click here if you'd like some suggestions about other ways you can help - it's all greatly appreciated! View all confirmed dates anytime on the Tour  tab.

Still hoping to pull off a late June/early July 2021 cross-country tour with wife and daughter in tow - concerts on the weekends, National Parks during the work week :)

  • last weekend of June - Denver/Front Range area (midweek route through Moab, Salt Lake City, Boise)
  • 1st weekend of July Seattle/Tacoma (midweek route through Portland, Eugene, Eureka)
  • 2nd weekend of July San Francisco Bay Area/Sacramento
  • 3rd weekend of July southern Cal/Arizona

We have states that we'd LOVE to make more regular visits as well - Vermont, Michigan and western NY in particular.

Finally, here's the Wish List of places that we could string together a decent weekend to and from but need to put together a solid show or two to make it feasible - Philadelphia & Wilmington, Chicago & Indianapolis, Atlanta & Knoxville, St. Louis & Kansas City, and Chattanooga & Birmingham. At least twice a year the prospect of a weeknight small concert in Little Rock, Memphis, and/or Nashville areas would be a huge help connecting the dots to or from Texas. Same goes for St. Louis, Lexington KY, Columbus OH and Wheeling WV.

We plan to keep this page updated monthly at least - but always inquire if you have a specific date or location in mind. Always of particular help are Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday afternoon/evenings. In general, most anything within a 3-4 hour radius of Washington DC or Winchester VA can fit into a local schedule, or can help bridge the distance between Andrew's home and a weekend on the road. Shows in the Carolinas, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Ohio are usually fairly easy to get on the calendar.

Mostly, thanks so much for caring enough to read this!