"Songs in the Parlor"

An Intimate Performance Experienced with a Handful of Friends

What does a working artist with bills to pay do far in the "Monday through Wednesday Void," where money falls out the bottom of the van simply by being away from home? We've had this notion for awhile, and the good folks at Concertsinyourhome.com spurred us into action with a similar idea they are promoting.

If you can get 6 to 12 of your friends to join you on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday night for dinner followed by an informal 45 to 60 minutes of Andrew singing and telling stories, all for an extremely discounted fee and/or modest guest donations, then we'd love to schedule a "Songs in the Parlor" night with you the next time Andrew's tour itinerary passes in your direction.

Think of it as "Cabernet and the Couch" with a live show on the big screen, except you don't need the flat panel or even electricity for that matter. We love win-win scenarios; here we get Andrew safe harbor for the night and home-cooked dinner to share with a handful of delightful people, who in turn get some quality time getting to know the artist as well as hearing the songs and stories unplugged and up close. We can even schedule it with as little as two weeks notice.

Interested? Click here to drop us a line and let us know that we can count you in the next time your corner of the world is close enough to the upcoming tour map, and thank you.