"Living on Music" Podcast Interview Aired 3/28

New from the Media Room - an hour plus long career retrospective and conversation about upcoming projects, as well as plenty of music, in the March 28th episode of "Living on Music with Steve Houk" podcast. Andrew says of his appearance;

"I've rarely sat for a long form interview, and never with anyone who did so much homework on my life and career. Steve is top shelf on seeking out interesting content, and has a great curiosity about lots of things that he uses to steer the conversation. It was a lovely experience, but it was a deep dive into things I haven't talked about in interviews before too - music in my childhood, Nor'easter and our miracle projects, my work with Mack Bailey and PTSD-affected veterans using songwriting for healing, even some of the musical mischief we made with kids in my daughter's daycare. It was a thrill to be on his podcast - some of my rock heroes have been recent guests, like guitarist Larry Carlton and drummer Carmine Appice. It's long - that's a lot of me and I was way too comfortable sitting in my living room answering questions. Lots of soundclips, lots of photos, lots of people."

You can watch the podcast here or directly on YouTube or download it on your preferred podcast platform (link is to Spreaker).

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