"Rock Time in Your Town" Planned for Spring Release

The second of Andrew's pandemic projects is nearly done; the mini-rockumentary “Rock Time in Your Town” about the final show of his original hard rock quartet Nor'easter back in 1987. The film editing was essentially finished for a couple of preview events last spring, but the rapid advances in AI technology to help improve the quality of the concert footage (shot on one of the earliest 4-head VHS cameras) convinced Andrew and Producer Dustin Delage to try some additional improvements before releasing the film. They are now hard at work on the final details of production to submit the 34-minute film to video streaming services, like closed captioning, music cue sheets and a couple dozen similar tasks.

They will likely do one more online showing before the film goes to the various pay-for-play services, so stay tuned for more on that. Meanwhile, here is the trailer video and a teaser clip from the film to enjoy for now. And if you missed the first pandemic project, the restoration from 8-track reels and digital archives of Nor'easter's only album Calm Before the Storm, check out the Bandcamp player below as well.




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