Hear Andrew's Podcast Interviews about Nor'easter

The year that Andrew's hard rocking youth roared back to life has been full of surprises and treasures. As the Nor'easter Calm Before the Storm album has found its way to radio and podcast hosts around the world this autumn, Andrew together with singer Chris Gursky have been doing Zoom interviews about the band, the music, the history and more - most of which will be completely new to longtime fans of Andrew as singer/songwriter.

The interviews are a fun and engaging look back at their shared musical and family roots, and each podcast host has done a great job drawing out different parts of the story. Chris and Andrew have been best of friends since their early teens, stood in at each other's weddings, and the year of restoring the album they made together in 1989 has given them both a great deal to talk about - including of course, the legacy and absence of drummer Matt Bouley since his tragic death in 2002.

For a nice deep dive into the songs as well as the story, check out Fearghal Traynor's Feckin' Metal podcast from Dublin, Ireland.  Stream Episode 65 by finding FM on your favorite podcast platform here, or stream it straight from Spotify:

Their first interview back in October was a shorter overview of the album restoration itself, plus some fun banter with hosts Randy and Troy on episode 287 of Ouch, You're On My Hair Metal Podcast. Andrew and Chris are on for about 20 minutes in the first hour.

We'll continue adding to these as some of the recent interviews drop - meanwhile, here's hoping you enjoy the stories!

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