NEW VIDEO: "My Little Town"

A visual love letter to this little place where I hang my heart. While I often share songs, stories and images collected over nearly a million miles of touring, this time I'd like to show you around home through the eyes of people who live here and love it.

With thanks to my neighbors and friends Sarah Huntington, Stirling Rasmussen, Christi Porter, Mouncey Ferguson, Douglas Graham and Carol Dukes for the use of their photos and videos - and a few from my personal stash too. Lincoln is a mostly quiet little place where I like to say that, thanks to our three cemeteries, the dead outnumber the living here by about 10 to 1. A lot of history, a lot of families that have deep roots here - some since the beginning back in the 1730s.

Lincoln is also a special place. There are a lot of scenes here that may or may not be as meaningful to folks who aren't from here, but I hope that you like it too. For my neighbors, there are a few familiar and beloved faces who are no longer with us, and this is my small but heartfelt tribute to them too.

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