Sept. 2020 "A Storytender's Journey": Falling Forward 


THU. 9/17 - SEPTEMBER TOUR LIVESTREAM CONCERT, ticketed full-length livestream concert 7:30pm EDT

We're grateful for help filling open dates with virtual concerts, library programs, workshops, and Special Music Services. We are making tentative plans to return to the road in January 2021 if conditions allow.   OTHER WAYS TO HELP
  If you've…

July 2020 "A Storytender's Journey": Revisiting the Story 


THU. 7/9 - LIVE FROM THE LIVING ROOM CONCERT, full 2-set concert 7:30pm EDT Tix $15 at for the livestream link.

SAT. 7/11 - TREASURES LIVESTREAMINAR, D-Day edition researching 20th century veteran ancestors, YouTube Live, 11am EDT FREE

SUN. 7/12 - MORGANTOWN/CLARKSBURG WV, serving as Guest Musical Speaker, UU Fellowship via Zoom 11am EDT FREE, contact…

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June 2020 "A Storytender's Journey" Taking a Moment 

 Welcome 2020 is certainly turning out to be a year we'll never forget. We are living in a confluence of crises, any one of which would guarantee us a mention in the history books a century from now. But all of them happening at once makes this a watershed moment. Like the rest of my country, I've been horrified at recent events, and am keenly attuned to the fact that too often Americans experience drastically different outcomes simply based on the…

May 2020 "A Storytender's Journey" and Concert Tonight 

 Welcome Here's hoping that this note finds you, and those dear to you, well and safe. These times will be remembered for many things, including a tremendous loss of revered elders and watershed changes in how we go about our lives, now and in the "PV" time - post-vaccine. While some aspects of life will begin to reopen soon, it is a safe bet that crowds will not be gathering for concerts in person any time in the near future and perhaps quite a…

April 2020 Edition "A Storytender's Journey" 

 Welcome First and most important, how are you? I freely admit I don't like this new world, physically sequestered from everyone else. I know that it's temporary, but it's also indefinite, and it will be forever different whenever we get to the other side. Like the rest of the performing arts world, my career is largely on hold and my daily job now is as homeschool parent for a 7th grader. I have gotten her to keep a journal about these days, with…

Feb. 2020 Edition "A Storytender's Journey" 

 Welcome I hope this finds you well and warm! If you haven't gotten my E-Zine in awhile, it's not for lack of trying - we had to switch services last year, and we're hoping our new webhost means a better regular connection with you. Most importantly, thank you for letting me stay in touch once a month - there's a new album and book project about to hit the world, a couple tours coming up, and some workshop and teaching things I'd love to share…

Jan. 2020, "The First of the 20s" Edition" 

  Happy New Year & Happy 2020! I hope that your holidays have been joyous and warm, with plenty of real face time with people you love. I'm hedging my bets - I'll call this a new decade because of flipping two numbers instead of the typical one, but I'll celebrate the end of the decade again next New Year's so the bases are covered.

Along with a lovely array of gifts and a less lovely nuisance of a head cold, Santa also showed up with a couple hundred CDs of Treasures in My Chest

Winter Holiday 2019 "A Storytender's Journey" 

  Happy Holidays! The last E-Zine of the decade is the first one to bring you the completed Treasures in My Chest album. Though physical CDs won't be in for a few weeks yet, and the companion book arrives in late February, you can now own and enjoy the album download now as often as you'd like. I can't even begin to sufficiently thank all of the people who encouraged this project in countless ways. You can hear and own it before the general public because you are kind enough to…

Early Autumn Edition 2019 

  Welcome Hello again and Happy Friday! Autumn has finally arrived here, though the land is dry and the leaves seem to prefer shy and muted colors this year. I've been doing my best to notice it all, between my daily writer's walks, driving to and from the studio, and pounding away on both the writing and the guitar, as Treasures in My Chest emerges into full three-dimensional shape.

If you follow my Facebook music page you know that there is much on which to catch up, including…