Winter Holiday 2019 "A Storytender's Journey"

Happy Holidays!
The last E-Zine of the decade is the first one to bring you the completed Treasures in My Chest album. Though physical CDs won't be in for a few weeks yet, and the companion book arrives in late February, you can now own and enjoy the album download now as often as you'd like.
I can't even begin to sufficiently thank all of the people who encouraged this project in countless ways. You can hear and own it before the general public because you are kind enough to let me stay in touch with you every month. Everything you'll need to do that is in the News below - and you can still lend a hand if you missed out on the IndieGoGo campaign. If you preordered the book this summer, no need to do anything - it will magically show up as soon as I have them.

It's been a crazy month, between the studio work of mixing and mastering, the November tour that included the headstone dedication for my Civil War ancestor Aretas Culver, finishing the first draft of the book, and all of the bustling of the season that includes decorating a live tree in my living room to ward off the long nights. There are upcoming tours and local release concerts (see below), and a tremendous amount of legwork to promote this new project. There's more about everything below and of course in more detail at my website, with pictures :)

For the last decade I have done a Winter Holiday Vidcast to celebrate the season with you. I'm going to do my first YouTube Live this coming Tuesday night (12/17 at 8:30pm EST) to both celebrate the season AND release the new album download to the general public. It will be free, and a bit of an experiment! Come follow my YouTube channel, and I'll look forward to wishing you and your family a very Happy Holiday in person.

At this very moment, I wish the Happiest of Holidays to you, in whatever ways you celebrate these long nights and twinkling stars. :)
FRI. 1/24 - CHARLESTON SC, Hungry Monk Music, 1948 Belgrade Ave. 7pm

SAT. 1/25 - NEW SMYRNA BEACH FL, Concert at Community UU Church, 403 West St. 7pm

SUN. 1/26 - ST. AUGUSTINE FL, Special Music Service at U.U. of S.A., 2487 A1A South 10:30am

SUN. 1/26 - RINCON GA, Concert at St. Luke's, 155 Goshen Rd. 6:30pm

FRI. 3/6 - PURCELLVILLE VA, Treasures Release Concert at Franklin Park Arts Center, 36441 Blueridge View Ln. 7:30pm with the studio band!

SAT. 3/14 - AUSTIN TX, Austin Acoustical Cafe at Lamar Senior Activity Center, 2874 Shoal Crest Ave. 7pm

SUN. 3/15 - HUNTSVILLE TX, Johnson Studio House Concerts, RSVP email 6pm

SUN. 3/15 - HUNTSVILLE TX, Special Music Service at Thoreau Woods U.U. Church, 144 E. Mosley Ln. 10:30am

THU. 3/19 - SYKESVILLE MD, Uptown Concerts at Baldwin's Station, 7618 Main St. 7:30pm

We're always grateful for help filling open dates on the road as well as home!
(full stories at the News page)
Download Treasures in My Chest Now. What wasn't even an idea in early February has become a finished 15-song, 50-minute album, and the companion book will complete the set this coming February. Everyone who supported the crowdfunding campaign this summer should have received their email with the download link Tuesday night, along with an inadequate but heartfelt expression of my deep gratitude. I'm excited for you to hear it, and you can buy the download in whatever format you use right now at

If you missed out this summer, you can still preorder the book while enjoying the album now. When you check out with Treasures at the Bandcamp page, set the amount at $25 and you'll get the e-reader or Kindle version, or pay $40 to include an autographed paperback (I'll cover the shipping). All book preorders will get a free download of the 2016 radio concert release Live: Bound for Glory in an email as my personal thanks.
If you want to help me get this project to more people, set the amount at whatever you'd like to donate - you'll get my huge gratitude as well as the book when it's done! $100 or more before Jan. 1 will get your name included in the book as well as contribute valuable marketing funds. :) Treasures will be available on a limited number of CDs in early 2020.

We take care of your orders here personally. If you are pre-ordering as a holiday gift for someone else, we can email you a color gift certificate to print for them while they enjoy the download right away.
More Holiday Sales! For the month of December, the download of Andrew's out-of-print 2nd album Where This River Runs is just $5 - no sale code required.
Tuesday on YouTube Live. It has been a decade-long tradition - the Winter Holiday Vidcast from our home to yours to celebrate the season. We're going to try something new - YouTube Live! And it will be the public kickoff for the download sales of Treasures in My Chest. We plan to go live at my YouTube channel at 8:30pm EST on Tuesday Dec. 17th, the chat room will be open and the Christmas tree trimmed and lit. It's free, but we'll gladly take contributions via PayPal or Venmo during the show.
Lessons Available Anywhere. Thanks to the magic of Skype, it is possible to help others with guitar or songwriting anywhere the internet reaches! Weekly lessons, or an a la carte work session to help with something specific, and gift certificates available to put on the tree too. How may I help? Email
More News Too. Come visit the News Page at the website for more about the Aretas Culver Headstone Ceremony and much more - it's been a busy few weeks!

Have you done a DNA test to learn more about your family history? Andrew can help you get the most out of your results, and preserve and share what you've learned - learn about his Ancestories consulting work here.

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