2020 Winter Holiday Edition; And Lo, Two Planets

Winter Holiday Edition
(Showtimes are Eastern Standard)

SUN. 12/13 - 11th ANNUAL WINTER HOLIDAY VIDCAST, toasting the winter holidays with a full concert and celebration, https://youtu.be/gocvIykG9WI 7pm

THU. 12/31 - FIRST NIGHT WINCHESTER, ring in 2021 virtually from historic Old Town Winchester, Virginia; info at https://facebook.com/firstnightwinchester

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Holiday Sale - Save 30% on Gifts. It's a twin win - the biggest sale of the year saves you money stuffing stockings, and helps support a grateful "independent" artist during a pandemic too. Save 30% on all discs and downloads - CDs, downloads, or the Treasures in My Chest book and album set (excludes shipping). You can even download the entire 9-recording discography for under $41.

Visit the Music Page or Bandcamp store and use code wh2020, now through Monday 12/14 at midnight UTC. Don't see what you're looking for? Want a gift certificate to put on the tree? Email us about gifts we can design for your special someone.

11th Annual Winter Holiday Vidcast, Sunday Dec. 13th at 7pm EST. A cherished tradition from our house to yours - part concert, part celebration with musical chestnuts, favorite libations and one-night only flash sales and specials too. FREE but donations gratefully accepted to make up some of 2020's lost tour revenue. Live on YouTube - https://youtu.be/gocvIykG9WI.

New at the Blog. Thanksgiving inspired Andrew to "liveblog" during the holiday, and share some thoughts, songs and poems on live video to close the weekend - catch up on the Blog.



I hope this finds you well and making plans for whatever different sort of winter holiday this pandemic imposes on us. What more to say about 2020, except here's hoping that all of our loved ones make it through to 2021. This is my last newsletter of the year, and with an effective vaccine in sight, here's hoping that next year's winter holidays will be over-the-moon special, in-person with loved ones. We will surely appreciate those times more than ever!

One holiday tradition in our house will be just like normal though - this Sunday at 7pm Eastern will be my 11th annual Winter Holiday Vidcast. This year has certainly improved everyone's broadcasting and videochatting chops, so in a sense we've been waiting for the world to get ready for this since 2010! The music will be live by the tree, full of fan favorites and a few old chestnuts from the catalog, plus some requests, chatting, and a very special one-night only "pop-up sale". Donations towards the mortgage are gratefully accepted too, since my touring income is a primary casualty of this year in our house. I still feel incredibly lucky to be able to sing for you from here like every other Christmas season - it means the world to me to have you over, even virtually. Come on over to the YouTube link when you're ready, stockpile your snacks and a libation to warm you inside and out, and I'll get right back to cleaning up and shipping these holiday orders - thank you for continuing to support my art!

And as for that moon, and its companions in our sky, it is interesting that we will see the convergence of Saturn and Jupiter - on the Winter Solstice, no less. December 21 be sure to look up to the south and take in the two planets hundreds of millions of miles apart practically superimposed. I don't believe it will happen again in our lifetime. May we be able to say the same about 2020 ;)

Just as this rare celestial event shows up when we could use a bright ray of hope, I hope this final missive of 2020 arrives when you need to know that you matter. You do, to me. I'm glad you're here. Just getting here this year is an accomplishment worth celebrating. I hope that somehow these holidays are special for their unexpected surprises and joys. That Santa doesn't get stuck in a chimney someplace, and that Scrooge decides he's done enough this year. That there is food on your table and in your pantry, and that the roof over your head remains secure. Whatever you celebrate during this season each year, may it have just the right proportion of whatever you need.
Wishing you and your loved ones a safe and wonderful holiday,

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Andrew is a proud Endorsing Artist for Fairbuilt Guitars & Elixir Strings, and member of the Virginia Commission for the Arts Touring Artist Directory and the Listening Room Network.

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