Oct. 2020 "A Storytender's Journey": Constants & Variables


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I've just returned from a much-needed few days out on the coast, "frolicking" with the wild ponies at Assateague National Seashore (to be fair, they only stole two bagels from our campsite). The lingering memory from this trip will certainly be falling asleep with the sound of the surf, but also the bright redness of Mars shining through my tent window, and finding Venus in almost the same spot when I awoke. There is nothing like a sky filled with the glittering diamonds of our galaxy. Some of that light has been traveled to reach our eyes since the pyramids were being raised in Egypt. I find perspective and comfort in things that appear constant in these strange and dark days.

I've been helping my kid with algebra these autumn; a little less each week as the manipulation of constants, variables and like terms becomes more second nature to her. I am reminded of the simple joy of learning and mastering a skill. It's something I've set myself to these days as well. Nothing like changing just about everything to inspire one to learn something new.

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New on the Blog this month is an appreciation for recently-passed rock legend Eddie Van Halen.

It seems one net positive of this year of plague is that we Americans appear to be exercising our right and responsibility to participate in this great democratic experiment in record numbers. We are the future we make for ourselves, and I suppose we get the leadership we deserve. Three years ago
one single vote in one district here in the Commonwealth had a tremendous impact on the lives of nearly 400,000 Virginians. I hope that our choice embraces the future in hope rather than fear. However you choose, thanks for voting early or on November 3rd, and for doing all you can to keep your friends and neighbors safe before, during and after.
After all, we're all we have to get each other safely across this river somehow.
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