Sept. 2020 "A Storytender's Journey": Falling Forward


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It is hard to know when is a good time to reach out, in these days of constant turmoil and tragedy, about things not of vital life-or-death importance. One can make the case that music is vital to life, and indeed I hope you see it that way! In the midst of all the chaos, we still have responsibilities and biological needs. I'll be doing a concert Thursday night, 7:30pm Eastern, and have a lot of special things to see and share to make it a unique and special experience. I'd be delighted to have you and a bunch of your friends here to get a dose of musical medicine for your weary soul. But don't wait, get your tickets at the Tour page of the website before Thursday evening so the automatic box office doesn't slam shut on you.

This past Sunday night I stepped on a stage in front of people in the same room for the first time in six months. Like most of my fellow performing artists, this has been the longest I have been off the road and away from the stage. It's hard to describe all of the emotions, and the incredible experience of making that return at my hometown arts center, but I have done my best on the Blog.

In solidarity with my 8th grader doing school virtually from home, I've decided to use some off-road time this autumn to learn new skills too. A few weeks ago the universe laid in my lap the unfinished tracks of my first original music project, our heavy rock band Nor'easter. in 1989, two years after our final show, we recorded Calm Before the Storm but never were able to see it through to completion. So now I'm learning how to do some of the audio engineering that I've long entrusted to others, to bring to life a project I'd despaired of ever bringing to its full measure.
It's exciting to work on something different, with the raw rock energy and intensity of our early 20s, and nearly 20 years after my dear friend and drummer Matt Bouley's tragic death. There's a lot more about this project on the Blog page, and we'll be previewing a track via Zoom and Facebook hopefully early in October. With luck, Calm Before the Storm will be finished and available around the holidays. I can promise you it's like nothing you've heard me do anywhere else.

I am not immune to the suffering and outrage in our world, and I frequently despair of not being able to do more to ease it. For those facing danger from fire or flood, at risk from disease or disorder, I hold you and your loved ones in my heart. If in any way it brings you comfort to spend a little time in my living room sharing some songs and stories, or just to  have a different and hopefully pleasant sort of diversion, I welcome you with open virtual arms.
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