Jan. 2020, "The First of the 20s" Edition"

Happy New Year & Happy 2020!
I hope that your holidays have been joyous and warm, with plenty of real face time with people you love. I'm hedging my bets - I'll call this a new decade because of flipping two numbers instead of the typical one, but I'll celebrate the end of the decade again next New Year's so the bases are covered.

Along with a lovely array of gifts and a less lovely nuisance of a head cold, Santa also showed up with a couple hundred CDs of Treasures in My Chest. So we've now got our Bandcamp store set up to buy downloads or discs, and preorder the book at the same time if you like. More about that below, and many thanks to those who've already splurged and are enjoying the album ahead of its actual release date. I'm especially gratified that it's been so well-received by some of the people who matter most - the kindly folks who have been interested in my work and allow me to keep in touch. You getting this E-Zine once a month make all the other things in my crazy creative life possible!

I hit the road for some school workshops and concerts along the south Atlantic coast this month, and teach some writing workshops for school students next month. The big concert release events happen in March, but meanwhile we have two stubborn holes on the road to Texas - Thurs March 12th anyplace between Tuscaloosa AL and the Mississippi Coast, and Fri March 13th most anyplace between Baton Rouge and Houston. A house concert for 20 people would be far better than a night flipping channels in a chain motel, and a lot more fun for everybody involved. If you know something, say something - all reasonable possibilities gladly and gratefully considered.

And with that, on to the business of deciding whether it's a new decade, a New Year or a new adventure. May there be multiple answers!
FRI. 1/24 - CHARLESTON SC, Hungry Monk Music, 1948 Belgrade Ave. 7pm

SAT. 1/25 - NEW SMYRNA BEACH FL, Concert at Community UU Church, 403 West St. 7pm

SUN. 1/26 - ST. AUGUSTINE FL, Special Music Service at U.U. of S.A., 2487 A1A South 10:30am

SUN. 1/26 - RINCON GA, Concert at St. Luke's, 155 Goshen Rd. 6:30pm

FRI. 3/6 - PURCELLVILLE VA, Treasures Release Concert at Franklin Park Arts Center, 36441 Blueridge View Ln. 7:30pm with the studio band!

THU. 3/12 - AL/MS, OPEN looking for a show en route to Texas, between Birmingham and Biloxi

FRI. 3/13 - LA or EAST TEXAS, OPEN looking for a show between Baton Rouge and Houston!

SAT. 3/14 - AUSTIN TX, Austin Acoustical Cafe at Lamar Senior Activity Center, 2874 Shoal Crest Ave. 7pm

SUN. 3/15 - HUNTSVILLE TX, Johnson Studio House Concerts, RSVP email 6pm

SUN. 3/15 - HUNTSVILLE TX/strong>, Special Music Service at Thoreau Woods U.U. Church, 144 E. Mosley Ln. 10:30am

THU. 3/19 - SYKESVILLE MD, Uptown Concerts at Baldwin's Station, 7618 Main St. 7:30pm

We're always grateful for help filling open dates on the road as well as home!
(full stories at the News page)
Treasures in My Chest Downloads and Discs. The finished 15-song, 50-minute album is ready now with a limited run of CDs featuring the handsome cover design work of Stilson Greene. You can preview any song any time you like, no restrictions from the storepage too. While the companion book is nearly through final revisions and editing, you can save some time and money by preordering it now.
There are four options through the online store link below:
• $12 for immediate download in MP3, lossless or CD quality
• $12 for CD and immediate download (plus shipping costs)
• $25 for the immediate download and preorder the book in e-reader/Kindle version as soon as it's ready - your choice of format
• $40 for the immediate download and preorder the book in 6x9 paperback (plus shipping costs)
It's all at your fingertips now at http://andrewmcknight.bandcamp.com/album/treasures-in-my-chest.

All paperback book preorders will get a free download of the 2016 radio concert release Live: Bound for Glory in an email as my personal thanks. If you want to help me get this project to more people, on checkout set the purchase amount at whatever you'd like to donate - you'll get my huge gratitude as well as the book when it's done!

Orders come to and ship from our office here, and we're keeping close track of it personally including emails acknowledging your preorder when it arrives. If you have a special need of some sort or a quantity order, email us and let us put it together for you.
The New Website We have a fresh look for a fresh year, in preparation for our switch to a new webhost next month. We'd love to know - does it load quickly, is the text readable, can you find what you're interested in, etc. Come visit http://andrewmcknight.net for a look.
The Blog I am looking forward to getting back to blogging in 2020! There hasn't been much time for short form writing save the occasional social media post. It's not a resolution, just a fact - more bursts of thought and occasional creativity coming up this year.
More News Too. Come visit the News Page at the website for more about the Aretas Culver Headstone Ceremony and much more.
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