Sept. 2019 "The Labors of September" Edition

With Labor Day behind us, it's time to take a short break from the work of making Treasures in My Chest to say hello and wish you a Happy September. There is plenty of project news, and I'll cover some of it in detail on my final - and free - Concert Window vidcast this Thursday evening Sept. 5th. In addition to sharing some of the behind-the-scenes progress, there will be some new songs written for this project within the last few weeks.

While I'm enjoying the creative and production processes of the album and the book immensely, I'm getting the itch to be back on the road too. I'm looking forward to tours of New England (November) and the southeast and north Florida in late January, and we have a couple open dates yet to fill. There are several 2020 tours taking shape (is it time to visit you?), but there I'm about to turn a quarter million miles on the 2008 Honda Odyssey, and that trusty tour bus will need to be replaced soon.

In part because of the timing of Concert Window shutting down and us deciding to do a final show on short notice, we're extending our crowdfunding campaign one more week to Tues. Sept. 10th - through then you can still lend a hand little or large, and get your name on the project too. We're tantalizingly close to being able to hire a publicist for the release of the album and book in January, and wouldn't it be amazing to be moving 10,000 to 20,000 copies next year instead of 1,000 or 2,000! It is immensely humbling, gratifying and inspiring to have had so many kindly folks show their support through the Indiegogo campaign, PayPal, or your lovely notes and checks in the mailbox too.

I am hugely grateful, lucky and blessed, and getting right back to that work right now.

THU. 9/5 - VIDEO WEBCAST, our final vidcast, "Treasures in My Chest" Update and Song Debuts (see below) 9pm EDT

SAT. 9/28 - CAPON BRIDGE WV, Founder's Day Festival 11:30am

SUN. 9/29 - HAGERSTOWN MD, Special Music Service at U.U. Church, 13245 Cearfoss Pike 10:45am

We're always grateful for help filling open dates on the road as well as home!
(full stories at the News page)
Vidcast this Thursday. We weren't completely surprised, but saddened nonetheless to see our video webcasting platform Concert Window calling it quits. We're going to do one final show this Thursday Sept. 5th at 9pm Eastern, to share updates from Treasures in My Chest, and debut a couple of new songs written for the record in the past few weeks. You won't want to miss this, and please do invite your friends too. While this show is free, you can still show your support and appreciation through the Tips function, and we'll gladly and gratefully put that to the mortgage in lieu of the shows NOT played these last couple months while working on the project. One final time, it happens at
Treasures Update. Wow, what an amazing thing to look back at a month's worth of activity in the recording studio and on the writing table. Most of the songs are recorded, and the final three pieces go down this weekend including one about Andrew's home in Lincoln VA, "My Little Town," and a fiddle and voice duet with his daughter Madeleine about passing the torch, called "Long Ago and Far Away." Next month's E-Zine will see us even closer to the finish line, and probably include the first sneak preview of a song or two. Meanwhile, we're assembling the first draft of the book, which means it's probably written (less a chapter or two), and now the work of editing, rewrites and overall organizational cohesion and clarity looms.

If you'd still like to lend a hand in bringing Treasures to life, there is still one week left to the campaign and we're amazingly close to being able to do some significant professional publicity work for it - check it out at if you'd like to see how you can help! We're about $3K away from our "Dream Goal" and that's abou
New Website Rollout. We've been planning to revamp the website for 2020 to feature both Treasures in My Chest content and artwork, and the pending merger of our current webhosts has kicked that into gear a little early too. We might have a few construction signs up around the site later this month. One thing for sure is we will replace the white on dark text throughout the site for something more readable and printable. What other features might you like to see on the new We'd love to know - send us an email and we'll gladly see if we can make it happen.
A FEW WORDS: This month Andrew wrote "Long Ago and Far Away" to sing with his now 12-year old daughter Madeleine on the fiddle, about handing down our stories through the generations. So in keeping with that theme, we share the poem he wrote when Madeleine was born, "A Circle of Four Women". Read it here.
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