Help Me Bring Treasures in My Chest to Life!

In 2019 I am creating a huge project that in a sense I have spent my whole life working towards. My journey through my own family discoveries, the connections, unexpected gifts, and the many life lessons that have resulted are coming together in Treasures in My Chest: a recording, a book and a public speaking enterprise. I believe that there is a lot of inspiration and education to anyone who has wondered "who am I, and where did I come from?" - and at this point 25 million people have paid money to take DNA tests to answer those questions!

It's an enormous undertaking for one person, and far and away it is the most costly thing I've planned. But the songs that have taken shape I believe to be my finest work to date, and writing the companion book has been a journey and adventure unto itself. I'd like to think when they are finished and sitting in your hand, you will find yourself immersed in the experience and the stories, and with luck, engaging your imagination about your own stories. After all, we all have them, whether we know them or not.

I'd be hugely grateful to have you not only own this art, but be a partner in making it come to life too! Our IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign has made the production possible, but we are still glad and grateful to have your help, and you can make a big difference. Please check out our campaign video at the bottom of the page.

You're reading this because you have gotten interested in my work, perhaps as a long time friend and supporter, or someone who's recently enjoyed an introduction to my music on stage or recording. I'm estimating as we plan the details of an audio recording with mastering and production (vinyl anyone?!), and a book with print and Kindle-style versions, that our final cost is going to be at least $15,000. That includes the extensive graphic design and branding required, intellectual property protection, the main trailer video, and hopefully some funding for focused marketing in two separate arenas - the music and book worlds. If we manage to sufficiently exceed our goal, then a music video to help further spread the word in focused marketing and perhaps an audiobook version will be on the table.

And yet, it's worth doing this to the best of my ability - I believe this project has the potential to be a whole lot bigger than anything I've done to date by far. If we manage to exceed our fundraising goal, all of that will go into focused high-reward marketing that might help truly "move the needle" for my career and my work. 

Even though the online campaign has ended, the offline campaign continues awhile longer for those who'd still like to contribute and/or are uncomfortable with online donations. We'll be offering the same thank you gifts as we did online through September 1st, by check or PayPal/Venmo. Every gift package will include at least a digital copy of the recording. Or simply pick the amount you'd like to give and we'll include the appropriate thank you gifts as well as my humble and heartfelt gratitude!

  • Album download, upon completion and before general release - $15
  • Add the book download for e-reader - $30
  • Album and book download on a USB 3.0 flash drive - $50
  • Paperback book (incl. album and book downloads) - $70
  • Paperback book with album as CD insert (incl. both downloads) - $85
  • Paperback with your choice of album disc or download, and your name in the book! - $100
  • The $100 gifts plus pick one of my songs for custom video and dedication - $250
  • The $100 gifts plus two consulting sessions to optimize your DNA test results for family history - $625
  • "Treasures in Our Chests" house party; a unique interactive family story sharing & concert - $1,000


It took a family to get me here - my parents and all of their ancestors. It will take a fan-mily to help bring this work to life! From $15 on up to $15,000 and anything in between, you will be a big part of bringing my life's work into the world. I will be sharing special moments and previews during the process through the end of the year as it comes to life. If you have been one of those who wondered "why don't more people know about you," "you should be playing bigger venues," etc., here's our opportunity to make that happen together! Thanks for reading, and most of all thanks for being a part of this crazy journey with me.

Here's how you can participate, thank you!:

  • Checks: Andrew McKnight, PO Box 81, Lincoln VA 20160
  • Paypal to


Here is the beautiful graphic design concept created by our amazing friend Stilson Greene: