The Inaugural "A Storytender's Journey"


... to the first edition of my new E-Zine, "A Storytender's Journey." If you haven’t been getting my monthly emails for a while, I promise it’s not because I haven’t been sending them to you! During the migration process, I went by hand through the over 3,200 subscribers from around the world on my current email list. I enjoyed taking a moment to think about when and where you signed aboard to support my work. Some of you have been here a very long time, maybe since near the beginning in 1995, and we may not have crossed paths in person for many years. Thank you for at the least letting me say hello again. I hope you'll stay with me, since thanks to the wonders of the internet you don't have to wait for my van to pull into your neighborhood to catch a show (see below). One email a month, no more than that, and I'll continue to give my level best to make each worth a few minutes of your time!

So, what is a storytender? I admit, I coined the phrase. I like to think of my job is not as a story keeper, or a storyteller, but more like that friendly and skilled artisan behind the bar who gets great joy from presenting you with a perfect distillation of a delicious thing that you’ve never experienced before. I may have been lucky enough to run into these songs and stories, but they are not just for my selfish keeping. Many of them I've discovered in my own family history.

This first edition is jam-packed; click away for new songs, new videos, a new poem, tour dates, and a video webcast. Before we get on to all of that, if we need to update your email address, thanks in advance for that. If you have trouble doing so just hit reply and let us know what email to use, and if you've moved in the last few years.
Now that we the people have spoken, it's time for we the people to get out and fill our souls with music, art, community and other soul-nourishing forms of human connection. The days are short, the nights are long, and now we can turn our attentions to the rituals of the season. May we get at least some of the governance we hope for, and some of what we deserve.

With that, in approach of Thanksgiving here in America, my humble gratitude that you've read this far, all the best to you for a lovely November, and on to the good stuff….

THU. 11/8 - BLUE HILL ME, The Pub at Barncastle, 125 South St. 6pm with Frank Gotwals

FRI. 11/9 - BANGOR ME, Hammond St. Congr. Church, 28 High St. 7pm

SAT. 11/10 - BRISTOL CT, Federal Hill House Concert, RSVP required 7pm

SUN. 11/11 - CENTRAL VILLAGE CT, Central Village Congr. Church, 33 Main St. 7pm

FRI. 11/23 - VIDEO WEBCAST, "Celebrating Thanksgiving" on (see below) 3pm EST with Tony Denikos

SUN. 11/25 - GETTYSBURG PA, Special Music Service at U.U. of Gettysburg, 136 South Stratton St. 10:30am

We're always grateful for help filling open dates on the road as well as home!

If you'd like a look under the hood at the songwriting process, and/or have interest in family histories, or just want to hear some new music from Andrew, this 20-minute video includes not one but TWO brand new songs, "Aretas Culver" and "Web of Mystery".

Speaking of new video, see and hear "Heavy on Your Lips" from a rare Andrew McKnight & Beyond Borders trio set at the inaugural Spirit of the Valley Festival on October 28.

CATCH A SHOW without leaving home! Celebrate the American Thanksgiving Holiday with a live video webcast from Andrew's living room. On Friday Nov. 23rd at 3pm Eastern time he'll welcome dear friend and Maryland singer/songwriter Tony Denikos to take turns sharing some songs and playing together too! Please go to - and use the social media and email tools to help spread the word to your friends.

Most every month Andrew writes an Essay , but a slew of tragedies these past few weeks instead inspired a new poem, "I Will Not Hate". Read it here.

Have you done a DNA test to learn more about your family history? Andrew can help you get the most out of your results, and preserve and share what you've learned - learn about his Ancestories consulting work here.

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