2020 Tour Update: Everything Changed - And Still Is

Like every touring artist in the world here in the spring of 2020, Andrew's live performance schedule is in a state of suspended animation while the global pandemic is "in charge." There's a lot to say about the artistic, emotional and personal elements of these times - Andrew is keeping active on the blog and social media.

Thankfully we are well prepared in two ways for these times.
1) Andrew has been vidcasting from home several times a year for over a decade, and now the world is getting used to connecting with performances via "live-streaming." In addition to short free performances through social media and other channels, Andrew is scheduling at least one ticketed online concert monthly to try to offset some of the lost revenue (he's also continuing teaching guitar and songwriting lessons via Skype/FaceTime/Zoom). 

2) At a time when many of us are under Stay at Home orders through most or all of the spring, Andrew has a new book and album for your enjoyment! Treasures in My Chest is here when you may find a little extra time for reading pleasures, and perhaps a little extra time for exploring your own family treasures. Andrew can help get you started with the book and personal consulting on your family research too.

As with pretty much everything right now, it's all subject to uncertainty and change. We will do our best going forward making music part of your life, and staying connected as best we can. Our monthly A Storytender's Journey E-Zine will be an even more vital connection going forward, so please subscribe or update your subscription on the home page.

Most of all take care of yourself and those around you. These unprecedented times demand first and foremost that we be gentle with ourselves as we learn our way forward. No one has all the answers, or written a manual for how to live essentially at home sequestered with people we love but don't always like. We'll do our best to bring meaningful entertainment and inspiration to you through the amazing technology of the internet and video.

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