Like everyone from James Taylor and Alicia Keys on down to our local pub singers, we're all singing to the world from our living rooms these days to try to put some joy into the world and make up for cancelled tours and a massive hit to our income. I am dipping into the suddenly flooded livestreaming space at Online Concert Thing on Thursday April 9th at 7:30pm Eastern with a ticketed show (you can still contribute and tip whatever it's worth to you during the show). We'll have plenty to talk about with the state of the world and my new album and book, and much more - I hope you'll tune in along with your best friends from around the continent!

Livestreaming is the new CoronaWorld term for the video webcasting I've been doing for over a decade, most recently through Concert Window. It has been a vital avenue to audiences that I don't otherwise reach in person very often.

Please come get your ticket for as little as $5 or as much as it's worth to you at, and use social media and email to help spread the word to your friends. It would be a delight to share some "face" time with you, and raise a toast or two together. I'd love for you to join me and to help get my new project out to more people too. I plan to be on for my usual hour and a half or so.

What is a LIVESTREAM or VIDCAST? A live performance streamed over the internet via video! You can watch it as it happens from wherever it happens. Watch the show, interact with other guests and make requests via the Chat Room, all from the comfort of your own home, snack bar and beverage cabinet.

Vidcasting allows me the opportunity to help make the mortgage while being home with my family, but I also use the opportunity to share behind the scenes stuff. I usually mix in a couple chestnuts from out of my early catalog, sometimes a fun cover of a traditional tune, or a standard from the Great American Songbook, or who the heck knows. And of course, a few longtime favorites too. It's a bit different than a regular concert with the audience in the room - think of it as an interactive TV broadcast.

Huge thanks for your generosity - these ticketed livestreams suddenly are the whole of my performing salary. We'll have a lot of fun, and have a really special experience together.