"House Concert - What's That?"

You may have noticed that Andrew's tour itinerary includes a lot of house concerts. It really is what it sounds like - a concert, open by invitation, in someone's private residence. A very simple setup to make a very rich experience! All that is needed is a decent-sized room, seats, perhaps some refreshments for guests on intermission, and bright enough light to see and enjoy the performance. Typically Andrew will do two 45-50 minute sets of his songs and stories, with a 15-20 minute intermission, visit with folks for 20 minutes or so at the CD table after the show, and that's it - often about 3 hours from the time the doors open til the last guest leaves. But what an experience they - and you - have in those three hours!

In some ways, it's like stepping back in time a century to the days before radio and records, where you had to be where the music was played to hear it. If you've never experienced one, we've shared some videos from a couple house concerts down below, from the Hill Chapel House Concert Series (New Market MD) and Concerts in the Cabin series in Evansville IN, where Tim's musical instrument collection adorning the cabin walls adds to the old-timey ambience. We hope you enjoy them - unplugged and upclose in a one-of-a-kind setting!

While many things about house concerts are flexible, it's important to note that it's not a party with music. It's a concert performance, with plenty of time for socializing over beverages and nibbling (or not). The whole experience is one of connecting with people over a shared enjoyment of a performance. 

Here's something to read if you think you might like to host a house concert next time Andrew comes to town! We try to keep this page of open tour dates updated - see if the tour van is headed your way in the next few months. In addition to the many friends and fans who have hosted house concerts for Andrew, he is also a member of a juried network called ConcertsinYourHome.com. (Andrew's presskit and resume is here; and house concert-specific publicity materials are here.)

Words from House Concert Hosts

"Andrew had the audience hanging on to every story, and every word to every song as he reflected on life in the real world! There isn't a heart closer to the mouth as he poured his out, accompanied by his beautiful and artful guitar playing, dobro wailing, and mandolin riffs. His soulful Navajo flute rendition had us mesmerized. Andrew is one of those truly gifted people and just a wonderful person. Definitely making this world a better place with his music and passion! Just a Fantastic show!"
- Casa del Bistro Concerts, West Chester OH

"Andrew is a wonderful person, fantastic storyteller and gifted performer... a great guest and a real professional all around. We have hosted Andrew twice now and we always love when he comes back into town... highly recommended!"
- OUR House Concerts, Manhattan KS

"Great show last night, wonderful stories leading to his variety of original songs. Andrew made us feel in sync with his music, the moods & themes. McKnight is a guitar virtuoso and his voice is entirely enchanting. He played a blues tune breaking from the rest of his repertoire. The cedar flute that he played, as an intro, to his song 'Wishing', turned us all around into a thoughtful place. We sang along with him as well, on one song, you just had to. Wonderful conversationalist and house guest!"
- Brick Hill House Concerts, Orleans MA

"A superb showman and a warm, witty, and wonderful human being. Andrew McKnight is a longtime friend and a Kerrville camp-mate of ours and we were delighted to be able to book him to play our home and introduce him to our non-Kerrville music-loving friends. Andrew did NOT disappoint. His songs and stories kept everyone mesmerized and completely enchanted. If he is coming thru your area, don't miss a chance to book him."
- Arhaven House Concerts, Austin TX

"Andrew gave a wonderful show that everyone enjoyed thoroughly. He presented two polished (but natural sounding) sets, filled with stories leading into his songs. Not only is he a wonderful musician, he is a complete performer, connecting with the audience, maintaining energy and interest, and creating a rich experience for all. He was exceptionally easy to work with ahead of time, helped build the audience with fans and friends in the area, and made me comfortable in hosting this concert."
- Louise, 2nd time host in Boulder CO

"Andrew McKnight is a superb songwriter. His stories captivated the audience and his infectious personality lit up the room with his introductions of the songs. He was gracious, appreciative, and personable to all. He is very flexible and easy to work with."
- Comfortable Concerts, Gaithersburg MD

"Andrew is a great performer and songwriter. He engages the audience from the start. His songs have substance and tell a story with a point or a life lesson or food for thought. He's a skilled singer gifted with a lovely voice. Playing multiple instruments, he shines on the guitar as an expert picker. Andrew is a complete pro from initial contact through departure. He's very friendly and fun to be with and a most considerate guest. Highly recommended."
- Windy City House Concerts, Chicago IL