A Sale for St. Patrick's Day

You don't have to be one of the 32 million Americans who claim Irish ancestry to enjoy a treat this St. Patrick's Day. From now through midnight Friday 3/19, you can get the companion set of Treasures in My Chest album and book from right here for a total of just $20 via our Venmo (please add your mailing address when you do it!). You can order as many copies as you like, with different recipients even if you'd like to buy gifts.

If you prefer, use your credit card securely through our Square here for $22.50 (and again, please include shipping address!):

We'd be delighted to help you find your stories, wherever your ancestors once called home. And you are certainly invited to join Andrew Thursday night March 18 for a freewill concert, 7:30pm Eastern. We can raise a Guinness or a glass of whatever you favor to a better year to follow.

Sadly, this sale is only good in the continental United States.

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