Hear the Nor'easter Album Preview

Those who have been following the rather remarkable story of Andrew's pandemic "legacy project" might be interested in hearing the music - and for the first time, you can indeed hear Nor'easter's Calm Before the Storm in its entirety. (Take a moment to catch up here if you are hearing about this time capsule from Andrew's hard rocking youth for the first time).

Andrew and producer/engineer Dustin Delage along with Nor'easter vocalist Chris Gursky from New Hampshire and bassist Paul St. Amour from Tennessee hosted an Advance Preview listening party on the Nor'easter YouTube channel on May 23rd - the birthday of Nor'easter's late drummer Matt Bouley. They played the album end to end while visiting with a host of friends and fans from across the country in the Live Chat. The video is now indexed so that you can go directly to hear any of the 11 tracks.

Meanwhile, we're expecting to have a limited number of CDs in hand as well as downloads at the beginning of August - stay tuned!

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