Early Autumn Edition 2019

Hello again and Happy Friday! Autumn has finally arrived here, though the land is dry and the leaves seem to prefer shy and muted colors this year. I've been doing my best to notice it all, between my daily writer's walks, driving to and from the studio, and pounding away on both the writing and the guitar, as Treasures in My Chest emerges into full three-dimensional shape.

If you follow my Facebook music page you know that there is much on which to catch up, including some much anticipated road time to kick off November in New England. I'd love to do an intimate show here in northern Virginia before year's end to share the words and music of Treasures. If you'd like to host a house concert here, please drop a line and we'll make it easy to do. I've got workshops for schools and adults humming along too, and some new funding to help bring them to Virginia communities. There is also a big emotional bit of closure next month in Connecticut regarding my 3-times-great grandfather Aretas Culver. More about all of that below, and at the website News page.

That said, it's time to share some music with you! We will be posting the first public preview tonight (Friday Oct. 18th), but you can hear two more songs right now from this email. We're on track to have the album finished by the early days of November, and the book by year's end. It is an insanely busy process - there are so many chainsaws up in the air that I'm not sure which one to grab next to keep my juggling going and my limbs attached. Speaking of juggling, somehow I'm going to have to manage to keep all of this work on pace while taking in our hometown Washington Nationals first-ever appearance in the World Series. Their mantra of success is a good reminder to do one day's work well, and focus on tomorrow's when it becomes today :)

I hope you enjoy the music, and the colors of autumn be they muted or bold. I am ever grateful to you for being here with me.

THU. 11/7 - BLUE HILL ME, The Pub at Barncastle, 125 South St. 6pm with Frank Gotwals

FRI. 11/8 - BANGOR ME, Concert at Hammond St. Congr. Church, 28 High St. 7pm

SAT. 11/9 - CENTRAL VILLAGE CT, Concert at Central Village Congr. Church, 33 Main St. 7pm

SUN. 11/10 - BRISTOL CT, Bristol Historical Society (see Aretas Culver Event news item), 98 Summer St. 6pm

SUN. 12/1 - RESTON VA, Special Music Service at U.U. Church, 1625 Wiehle Ave. 10am

We're always grateful for help filling open dates on the road as well as home!
(full stories at the News page)
Hear the Previews! And here they are, all at https://soundcloud.com/andrewmcknight. Tonight we'll publicly post "Web of Mystery", but there are also two tracks you can hear now via these hidden links - as my humble thanks for you letting us stay connected via these E-Zines!

"Sons and Fathers" with my dad on piano and organ, Michael Rohrer on upright and Lisa Taylor on drums;

"Anniversary (2,000 Years Ago)" with Rachel Taylor on cello;
Aretas Culver Headstone Dedication & Concert. A personal journey of family discovery that began at Christmas 2014, when I "met" my 3-times-great grandfather face to face on my computer, comes to a fitting close on Veteran's Day weekend in Bristol, Connecticut. On Sunday Nov. 10 family, friends, veterans and the general public will gather at 1pm at West Cemetery in Bristol CT for a dedication ceremony for his new VA-issue headstone. That will be followed by a concert at 6pm at the Bristol Historical Society, along with my dad on keyboards for part of the show.
Writing Songs with Vets in Recovery, Part 2. Andrew is thrilled and honored to join renowned singer/songwriter Mack Bailey and his Music Therapy of the Rockies program this weekend in Maryland, in partnership with Madison Fields and the Wounded Warrior Project. Since 2014 Mack has been helping veterans using music and mindfulness in dealing with post-traumatic stress by helping reframe their stories, learning how to rewire brains, and in doing so, saving lives. The vets will work with Mack, music therapists and fellow songwriters Jen & Scott Smith (Naked Blue), Tom Prasada-Rao, Lea, and Michelle Swan with the goal of each vet co-writing a song. We hope to have songs to share with you in the days ahead, as we did after the May retreat.
VCA Performance Grant Award. We're pleased to have our grant renewed, and again be part of the Virginia Commission for the Arts prestigious Touring Artist Directory. Eligible presenters within the Commonwealth may be reimbursed up to 50% of the cost for performances and workshops. Let's make something happen in your community while there are still funds available to do so!
Have you done a DNA test to learn more about your family history? Andrew can help you get the most out of your results, and preserve and share what you've learned - learn about his Ancestories consulting work here.

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