May Flowers 2019 "A Storytender's Journey"

To those who celebrate the holiday in some way, Happy Mother's Day. I am grateful I got to spend a little time with my mom (and dad) last month during the New England tour. Among many delights of the visit, I was given possession of my grandmother's family history album, which included a letter from a (then) young ancestor to his wife from 1818, and my great-great grandparents wedding certificate issued two days before the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. To hold these things in one's hand is a bit beyond description.

It is these connections in the present as well as the past that are driving the new recording and book, both titled Treasures in My Chest. While they are drawn from stories in my own family, in different ways each explores the amazing set of circumstances and random chances that brought each unique being into the world. While some of us are fortunate enough to know some of our stories, the truth is that just like all the other elements that comprise human beings, an individual is a product of all of their ancestories in some way too. I'd love to share more with you, and I'd be hugely grateful for your help in bringing this ambitious project to life! Please join me Wed. May 29th at 9pm Eastern for the next Concert Window vidcast to kick off the campaign and share several new songs.

While I'm spending May home writing, we're also celebrating a big milestone June 21-22 in Aldie VA - a quarter century of our Mountville Folk Festival! The 25th anniversary celebration includes an extra night of music, and we'd love to have it include you too.

That's all for now, and that's almost enough. Last but most of all, thanks for reading and for sticking with me. Keep the love notes coming when you're so inclined. I love getting them and believe me, I save them to reread on the tough days!

May the weeds in your garden turn out to be beautiful things that you've planted and forgotten about.
WED. 5/29 - VIDEO WEBCAST, Treasures in My Chest Preview Vidcast on 9pm EDT

SA-SU 6/1-2 - DICKERSON MD, Music Therapy of the Rockies (private) helping two recovering veterans with therapeutic songwriting

FRI.-SAT. 6/7-8 - EGLEN WV, One Man Jam Festival at Silver Lake Park, 3086 Seneca Trail Andrew does a set each night

SUN. 6/9 - CLARKSBURG WV, Special Music Service at West Fork U.U., Uptown Event Center, 305 Washington Ave. 11am

FRI.-SAT. 6/21-22 - ALDIE VA, 25th Annual Mountville Folk Festival, RSVP see news item!

SUN. 6/30 - GETTYSBURG PA, Special Music Service at U.U. of Gettysburg, 136 South Stratton St. 10:30am

We're always grateful for help filling open dates on the road as well as home!
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Vidcast May 29th. This video webcast will be primarily devoted to the songs and the story behind the recording and companion book project Treasures in My Chest, and unveiling the campaign to bring it to life. I've written several songs since my last vidcast in February, including two last week. I'm also going to take time to do some appropriate decorating for the occasion. I'd love for you to be part of the Treasures kick-off party; please plan to join me Wednesday May 29th at 9pm Eastern, and get your ticket now at
Per usual, 2/3 of the ticket and tips helps pay my mortgage and offset the big gamble I made this month to stay home and focus on writing. To that end, please invite any of your friends who might enjoy my music to the vidcast too - I'm grateful for any and all help being a less well-kept secret!
New Song Video. My dad captured much of my concert in Griswold CT last month on video (he got a new wireless rig for his camcorder that he was eager to test :), and we've posted "Web of Mystery" on YouTube - thanks for sharing it with your friends if you enjoy it! (Hint: if you have ever wondered WHY I got into this family history thing, you'll get some of an answer too!)"
Mountville Folk Festival Turns 25. Those attending the first Mountville back in 1994 couldn't imagine what that seed would grow into over the next quarter century. The little gathering that started in Andrew's backyard as an excuse for singer/songwriter friends to spend time together sharing each other's work among the local music community, now annually draws 200-300 people to the slopes of Bull Run Mountain near Aldie VA. This year includes an extra night of music in celebration, June 21-22. Andrew will be busy - a rare set with Beyond Borders Saturday night, plus a solo set from Treasures to kick off Saturday afternoon, hosting a songwriter roundrobin, and maybe more mischief too! Camp or hit a local B&B for the weekend, and help us celebrate a most delightful milestone with some lovely people and an awesome musical lineup. RSVP to to get directions (like a house concert) and all the news.
A FEW WORDS: Andrew wrote a tribute to friend, radio host and arts activist Chris King after his memorial May 4th. You'll find it on the blog .
Have you done a DNA test to learn more about your family history? Andrew can help you get the most out of your results, and preserve and share what you've learned - learn about his Ancestories consulting work here.

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