Connecting One to One: from "First Sight" to the Longterm Fan Relationship (Performance Lab)

2 to 4 hour workshop

Today's concert audiences are most moved by "experiences"; the unique combination of the performance, the ambience, the mood, the moment. And it is more vital than ever to connect with the audience one to one, even if they are far removed from your personal space. Managing the stage and the performance to optimize the opportunity to connect with the hearts and minds of listeners highlights the work of a skilled and popular performer, and is the key to converting some of those listeners into longterm fans.

Workshop is appropriate for solos and small combos at all amateur and aspiring levels; together we'll discuss many tools and techniques, as well as break down some elements of a live performance on the spot to gauge their effectiveness at connecting with an audience. Another great highlight - identifying appropriate audiences/venues that are well-suited for your performance magic.

By the end of the workshop, students will learn:

  • How to identify and develop compelling elements of their songs and stage manner into a full show
  • Concepts like set pacing, between song patter, and managing potential dead space (like tuning, instrument switching, etc)
  • Resources to explore and expand on ideas developed and discussed during the workshop