Writing Songs with Wounded Warriors

Andrew was honored to lend a hand and a pen last weekend at the beautiful Madison Fields farm in central Maryland, working with renowned singer/songwriter and music therapist Mack Bailey and his Music Therapy of the Rockies program. Since 2014 Mack has been helping veterans using music and mindfulness in dealing with their PTS/PTSD (post-traumatic stress) by helping reframe their stories, learning how to rewire brains, and in doing so, saving lives. 

Ten veterans met with Mack, two music therapists and fellow songwriters Tony Denikos, Jen & Scott Smith (Naked Blue), and Owen Danoff during the weekend retreat in partnership with Madison Fields and the Wounded Warrior Project. Andrew was connected one on one with two veterans for a pair of 2-hour sessions to hear their stories, and to help them in reframing their experiences. Together they wrote a pair of powerful and inspiring songs, "This Bridge" and "New Mission Now". Perhaps even more importantly, they bonded as fellow human beings in an incredible shared experience culminating in a concert performance for their families and friends. While Andrew felt blessed and honored to help convey their stories and get to know two wonderful humans, at the end they "coined him" - one of the highest honors bestowed on a civilian for helping a wounded warrior, and a treasured memento of a truly unforgettable and life-changing experience.

Join us for the grand unveiling on Facebook Live Monday June 10th at 8pm EasternYou can hear their songs and the stories that inspired them.

Music Therapy of the Rockies addresses the symptoms of PTSD through evidence-based music therapy techniques. The program also focuses on the neurological aspect of PTSD with the goal of making lifelong changes. The program is run by a Board-Certified Music Therapist and incorporates mindfulness and active listening, self-expression and therapeutic songwriting with professional songwriters, and the gift of a guitar to learn new coping skills. Each of these parts of the retreat combine to help the veterans reframe their military experience.

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