Thanks for Helping Celebrate Mom's Milestone

A heartfelt thanks again to everyone who turned out for mom's online birthday party concert! She had a blast, and I'm sure she was glowing even though I couldn't see her 450 miles away - only her comments in the chat during the show. I am grateful for the technology that allows us to connect this way in celebration and community, and to share music, all from our own homes from coast to coast and anywhere else! If you've not caught one of my live from my living room sessions, please do follow me at my Concert Window vidcasting page so you'll get a head up (next one will be April or May sometime).

Of course, we did manage to sneak in a surprise party celebration the weekend before her birthday, well-surrounded and completely surprised by family and friends, including her nearly 97-year old aunt! So we managed to check off all the boxes. For one, I am mighty grateful that both of my parents are healthy and hale now that they've both flipped 80 on the odometer, and I'm sure they are grateful that they each had lovely celebrations specially tuned for them :). Next up, their 60th anniversary this August - wow!

If you missed the vidcast - including the newest song - here's roughly how it went down. They were pretty much all mom's requests.

Mom's 80th Birthday Vidcast, 2/25/19

Chemical Voodoo
Rust on My Halo
When the Maples Turn
Happy Birthday to Mom (and to her sister Marj, 2/26!)
Anniversary (2000 Years Ago)
Web of Mystery
Treasures in My Chest
The Road to Appomattox
Guitar Man
Count Your Blessings (©John Rickard & AMcK)

Meanwhile, may your next birthday include such a rich tapestry of family and friends as mom's surprise party did - even if it was a few days early :)

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