Nor'easter First Listen Party Set for Oct. 3rd

We are thrilled to share our first preview from the long-awaited Calm Before the Storm album, recorded in 1989 by the three founding members of Nor'easter. This will be a listening party live from the studio, hosted by guitarist Andrew McKnight and producer/engineer Dustin Delage. It's an opportunity to get a behind the scenes look at a fascinating story and "forensic engineering" project, as well as be the first to hear a song from the album. October 3rd will mark 19 years since drummer Matthew Bouley passed away, and we're looking forward to celebrating his life and amazing talents - to make this day on the calendar memorable for something more than his loss. 

We hope you'll join us! The event is free and open to all, but especially for people who've known about the project and been encouraging us along the way. We're also hoping that some of the people who've been involved long ago or more recently will be able to join us too. The whole thing will probably last 45-60 minutes, and we'll likely take some questions in the chat room too. 

We'll be live on Zoom at 9pm Sunday Oct. 3rd. You'll want to hook up some good speakers for listening.

Don't miss it, as it won't be recorded - you'll have to wait for the next event, as we move closer and closer to a finish line 32 years in the making.....

PS Please do follow Nor'easter's pages at Facebook, Bandcamp (where the album will be sold) and ReverbNation.

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