New Album Featuring Young Songwriters Honoring Heroes

Since 2018, Andrew has led several songwriting workshops for high school and middle school students interested in songwriting as part of the annual Chords of Courage songwriting contest in Frederick County MD. The project honors both famous and every day heroes who made huge sacrifice to make the world better for others in someway. Andrew'sĀ friends Heather Aubrey Lloyd, Rob Hinkal and Kristen Jones of the award-winning band ilyAIMY took seven of the 2022 contest winning entries and did a magnificent job arranging and recording them, and the resulting album Chords of Courage Vol. 1 dropped today at Bandcamp.

If you'd like to hear their work and support a great program helping aspiring young songwriters, please go listen and make a contribution. Proceeds from album and song sales will help fund other opportunities for this year's students, and beyond.

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