My Use of Social Media for 2020

I am grateful for the possibilities of connection that social media offers in between in person visits. Although I use those tools frequently out of necessity, I remain disenchanted with many of the limitations. In 2020, the focus of my social media energy as well as my monthly E-Zine is going to be primarily in driving traffic back to my website for more content and context.

That said, it is time for a quick update on what I use and how, so you can decide what you might see and what is worth your time. If it's not listed here, I don't use it, and if you see activity as me someplace other than here, thanks for letting me know so I can make sure I haven't been cloned, spoofed, hacked, phished or any other particularly egregious identity mangling :)

Facebook. I have a profile and a music page, and FB's algorithms make them less relevant with each passing month. With the demise of Concert Window, Facebook Live is the only live video streaming option currently available, and that alone makes my music page necessary for the foreseeable future. But FB throttles the business page to make money, so there are limits to who sees those posts. On my profile I primarily share posts of my own personal interest mixed with music news and outreach, often trying to reach people that aren't seeing the posts from my music page.

YouTube will continue as my official video server for the foreseeable future. I haven't tried a live stream from YouTube - maybe 1st quarter in 2020.

Instagram. I used the photo sharing service mostly to share snapshots of life between stages. On the road or at home, this is context for those who enjoy the medium. I'm pretty sporadic about it - sometimes two or three posts in a day, sometimes a week between postings. I'm @andrewmcknightmusic.

Twitter. I use it some, and am trying to use it more (I'm @andrewmcknight). Tweets and I aren't particularly compatible philosophically , and I don't seem to get a lot of engagement when I do. But I'm trying to be more consistent and see if it might be valuable in the next few months as the book and album release events happen. Jury's out!

Whatever way you choose to allow us to stay connected, thank you! And whenever you are motivated to share my music and content with your friends and circles, it is hugely helpful in making more art possible. I am grateful for the many hands, eyes and ears that continue supporting me in this crazy life.

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