A Special Spiritual Musical Offering November 29th

Please join me Sunday November 29th at 7pm EST for this short informal interfaith gathering and musical meditation of remembrance and gratitude; a non-religious "time out" to rest your weary spirit with words and music. In addition to a few musical pieces, I've brought together some poetry and prose that brings me comfort and inspiration in these long nights between All Soul's Day and the New Year.

In the northern hemisphere, these shortening days from the falling of the leaves to the glint of sun on snow can be hard under the best circumstances. We are heading into a winter unlike any that we have experienced in our lifetimes. Our first responders and front-line health care and other essential workers have been emotionally exhausted for months, while millions of our fellow citizens are facing economic crises, including food insecurity and even evictions.

While this pandemic has taken so much from so many, this singer/songwriter humbly hopes to give comfort and medicine for the aching soul - those working to save lives, those struggling to serve the needs of their communities, and those who ache for normal human contact and the routines we never knew we'd miss so much.

If you are so moved, we invite you to help us feed our less-fortunate neighbors through https://www.feedingamerica.org/ways-to-give

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