New Videos Coming Soon

A bit of news to share this Saturday evening. We're thrilled to be working with Mike Pugh and Goose Creek Music and Entertainment editing some video from the last big concert; the Treasures in My Chest release concert at our hometown Franklin Park Arts Center on March 6th, 2020. We've heard from a lot of people for whom that was the last time they'd been out for a concert or public event before everything shut down. 

So needless to say, it's kind of emotional looking back at that concert, and thinking about everything that's transpired since. And yet, I'm so glad we captured it, and as we're able to begin doing things again in "the real world", it's fabulous that we have so much from that concert and will be able to share some with you soon. We're hugely grateful to Mike for all the hard work he's putting into that concert footage, and especially to all of you who were there that night. It has certainly been a long road from there to here.

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