11th Annual Winter Holiday Vidcast

I've been video webcasting (livestreaming) a Winter Holiday evening from home for over a decade now - but I had no idea last Christmas that a global plague in 2020 would make livestreaming my primary live performance venue. Nonetheless, we'll keep the tradition now more than ever - to bring cheer to the season, joy to your heart and gifts to your hearth with the benefit of all the broadcasting tech and techniques we've learned this year. It's a full concert taking a few requests as well as bringing a few surprises. And per usual, there will be special one night only sales, the chat room will be open and the Christmas tree trimmed and lit.

Please join us Sunday December 13th at 7pm EST at my YouTube channel. TIPS are gratefully accepted via http://venmo.com/andrewmcknightmusic or https://paypal.me/andrewmcknightmusic - thank you for helping keep the bills paid and this crazy journey going!

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