Andrew offers three great interactive workshops for artists and small business people alike with valuable lessons and examples.

“Thriving in Small Business: Building a Solid Foundation in Shifting Sands”

Developed and co-facilitated with Michael DeLalla, also available as a solo workshop.

The diversity of hats that each artist wears is almost dizzying; composing and recording music for stage and film, performing in a variety of settings, teaching, and writing articles and books. While many other arts and small business workshops focus on much-discussed tools like social media, Andrew and Michael deliver an engaging presentation on a bigger picture; how those tools serve the building of a sustainable community, focused on the patron experience and developing longterm connections. Learn about and develop your own strategies for building an identity for your diverse and unique set of talents and assets. cultivating powerful and positive partnerships, and learn what whiskey has to do with it too!

An invaluable workshop for both the budding and seasoned performing artist, students, presenters and businesses supporting the arts.


The Successful Artist: Building the Business of Creativity

For colleges or adults: classroom program, workshop or residency

So many aspiring artists leave countless roadblocks in their path by pretending that only art matters. Luckily, there can be great rewards in success instead of starvation, and technology offers a dizzying array of different paths and avenues towards that success as well as a suite of new definitions.

This workshop is packed with vital material for the artist who seeks a stable and sustainable long-term artistic satisfaction and success, and addresses many important aspects:

  • Do you create art or help facilitate or distribute it? All are important roles!
  • What fuels your art and creativity? How do you make time for that?
  • Is full-time necessary?
  • Building a solid business foundation to support your art
  • Where's your market?
  • Building a team and a network
  • Developing short, medium and long-range plans for artistic success

Participants will have considerable opportunity to develop their own "career road map" through some interactive exercises as well group dialogue and questions. This is an excellent tool for anyone seriously considering finding part or full-time channels for their creative endeavors in art, film, music, or theatre.


Marketing Your Art: Putting Roots into Fertile Soil

For colleges or adults: classroom program, workshop or residency

Andrew has forged a successful career as a full-time independent artist for many years, touring and releasing recordings of his original songs. Whether you are interested in similar aspects of the music world, or in another area of creative expression, you can learn about the many aspects of "finding your market" and designing your career plans to align with those aspects. Primary topics covered include:

  • "Marketing the Myth"
  • Finding suitable niches for your art
  • Grow your network garden
  • Reaching "your" demographic - who and where are your "customers"?
  • The fine art of good publicity
  • Optimizing the web, social media, mobile and email
  • Resources for the innovative thinker

Pre and post workshop activities can be included.