"Echoes Etched in Sandstone"

Inspired by the heartening but likely premature discussion about the future of the huge Glen Canyon Dam, which for over 40 years has drowned one of the most spectacular canyons of the Colorado and drastically altered this magnificent desert river's ecology

The ruins of Glen Canyon Dam
How many centuries hence?
Will its end come as its beginning did in human hands?
Or will it slowly crumble in the absence of its builders,
Long after we have returned to dust and salt?

The raven's song will echo,
The snake's rattle will mark time,
Desert thunder fills dry washes
And the great red land will heave and draw breath
Barely noticing our passing, as our presence was so brief
The canyon hardly had time to blink and notice the bath

The ancient ones left their stories and signs etched
in far more ancient vermilion stone
we newcomers who followed poured our own smooth grey stone
of our own composition and design
but in the end

will we have lingered any longer?



Copyright © Andrew McKnight. All Rights Reserved.

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