"I Will Not Hate"

I will not hate
because of how you look,
who you love,
where you were born,
who or how you worship
or whether or not you worship at all

I have no room for hate in my heart,

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"A Circle of Four Women" (for Madeleine Rose)

Welcome to the world, dear daughter, welcome

I stand in a circle of four strong women
their stories intersecting,
through time and space
the first three united not by blood
but by choice of men married

This new one…

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"A Piece of Moon Pie"

An old favorite, short and sweet, from the seasons of the long dark nights, and perhaps more aware of our celestial companions

There is a shiny sliver of a moon
hanging in the crisp clear southwestern sky,
like a piece…

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"Al Mar Pacifica"

Panama, August 2004

El Bohio de la bahia
rainy season relieved
if only for the hour
Azure ceiling fleeting
teasing the constancy
of limitless horizon
and infinite Sea

The lovely Señora Gringita
emerges like the mermaid
alone with the surf…

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"Anna's House"

We had the luxury of having a beautiful old Vermont house to ourselves on a warm spring day. Sort of like being lost in time, with the world all around. I hope this captures the essence of the lives chronicled

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"Before the Summer Morning"

A summer sunrise in the south is a sacred happening - the sounds, sights and smells of dew covered greenery, birds awaking, and the sun slow to lift from the eastern fields.

I lay with my lover in a predawn…

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"Doppler Hum of the Highway"

When I was small
I dreamed of following every road
 to its logical end
 and its surrender to nature

Living on my high hill
 on clear windless nights sometimes
I could make out the far-off sounds
 of the interstate

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"Echoes Etched in Sandstone"

Inspired by the heartening but likely premature discussion about the future of the huge Glen Canyon Dam, which for over 40 years has drowned one of the most spectacular canyons of the Colorado and drastically altered this magnificent desert river's

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"First Frost"

An early October tour of northern New England was predestined to include some inspiration amongst breathtaking fall foliage in the White and Green Mountains

Crystallization returns
absent since springtime
teepees on the Ammonoosuc
tourists departing
final glance at leaflife

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"Ghost in the Branches"

During the wet cool season here in Virginia, the mist rises from the morning creek bottoms, and the spring beauties and bluebells add flashes of color to the mystique. Down where the sycamore seems king and the water truly rules,

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"I Love the Sound of Your Name"

I love the sound of your name

It was my grandmother's name of course
and I loved her dearly and deeply
but the sound of your name
I speak it softly sometimes when you're not here
the syllables make…

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