"Anna's House"

We had the luxury of having a beautiful old Vermont house to ourselves on a warm spring day. Sort of like being lost in time, with the world all around. I hope this captures the essence of the lives chronicled in the art and decorations in what could easily have been a quaint country inn on a sunny mountainside.

Anna's house sits on the marblemount
   where the houses of used to be
      still leave their footprint in the thicket

Anna's house brings the world to her
   from Honduras to the Himalayas
      in the work of many hands distant

Anna's house stands like a postcard perfect
   against the maple syrup background
      of the mountain slowly falling down

Anna's house celebrates the wood
   that holds firm against the elements
      and upright against gravity

Anna's house knows longing and loss
   celebrates things remembered
      leaves room for things to come

Anna's house is a chapel
   preordained to outlast the living
      unable to speak its story

Anna's house is a simple mystery
   spinning the wool of history
      into threads of memory


Copyright © Andrew McKnight. All Rights Reserved.

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