Back to School for a Week!

Andrew spent a week in between weekends in Texas and southwest Virginia visiting elementary school schools in the southeast. Each year he makes a day to visit the 4th grade classes at West View Elementary School in Spartanburg SC to share his "Telling America's Story in Song" workshop. In a fast-paced interactive session, they made a timeline from the arrival at Jamestown through the Revolution and the Civil War, and wrapped up with the Great Depression and Dust Bowl with Woody Guthrie's epic "This Land is Your Land". Andrew then enjoyed lunch with the students before closing the day with a short concert including his anti-bullying anthem "Good Things Matter."

From there, Andrew spent 3 days on the "Rooftop of Virginia", the beautiful Grayson County and the City of Galax, the "World Capital of Mountain Music". He worked with young students in Fries, Independence and Galax and did several assemblies on American History and Geography, before doing a public concert at the historic 1908 Courthouse Friday evening to wrap up a great week.

So, how about a school or two in your community? From these history-focused workshops to Creative and Musical Writing, or workshops with bands and ensembles, Andrew has a whole suite of interactive and engaging programs for school students and adults too - have a look here and let's talk!


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