Andrew's Interview with Loudoun Now; "Ghosts, Miracles & the Calm Before the Storm"

In August Andrew sat for another interview with writer Jan Mercker for the local independent Loudoun Now to talk about the Nor'easter project. Three years ago Jan had done a lovely feature story on Andrew's Treasures in My Chest album and book in advance of the release concert at Franklin Park Arts Center, so he was thrilled to reconnect with her to talk about his pandemic project. And we are all thrilled at her work here, for she clearly connected the human threads that run through Andrew's work, even back in his "wild and wayward youth" of the Nor'easter days.

Managing Editor Renss Greene made a visit to Cabin Studios to get some shots of Andrew and Engineer/Producer Dustin Delage at work at the mixing desk. You can read the article and see the photos at

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