Rediscovered Treasure - Songs with 3rd Graders

A blast from the past; it occurred to me that as I'm trying to line up some school workshops both on the road and near home that I should share a few things from past projects. I did a songwriting residency with two 3rd-grade classes back in 2005-06 at Loudoun Country Day School. Each class wrote a song with me, then we made a date up at the recording studio to do this, and finally a visit to our local AM radio stationĀ and my friend Chris King who played the songs and interviewed the kids. It was a great experience for all of us!

This song was the class with a lot of boys, who were way into aliens and robots. Since we only could manage a couple hours of studio time, the kids sang the choruses, I sang verses and played electric guitar, and my uber-talented friends Wayne Estes from The Catoctin School of Music (bass) and Jesse Shultzaberger from The Woodshedders (drums) helped bring it to life.

These kids must be in their first year of college now! I'm glad to have this memory to share - maybe your school like to do a cool project like this?

Here's "Be My Friend, Too" from the other 3rd grade class:

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