New Year's Wishes

Happy New Year one and all - may 2016 be an improvement on 2015, no matter what kind of year you had. May we all treat each other with a bit more humanity even when our sensibilities seem challenged. May we find ways to lift each other up instead of tear each other down. May we resolve to find ways to help those in darkness and despair, be they nearby or far from our sight.

Finally, may we not be afraid of the power of the music we make together - our voices will never be so powerful as they are when they rise together in common hopes. We may differ about the details of how we rise, but let us rise together as we can and more respectfully refrain where we don't. You deserve that. We deserve a year of the best of each other, and the contrast would be both startling and welcome :)

Happy New Year to you - may it bring you love, hope, joy and peace, in whatever key you sing.

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