"oh the Times Keep-a Getting Stranger"

To paraphrase Mr. Zimmerman, it's gotten to be busy time between the studio and the stage! This weekend has already been in one studio mixing the Nor'easter record, the video studio shining up a couple videos from the Treasures in My Chest concert last March, scheduling a recording session of for one of my student's big projects, and oh yes - a SHOW today with my dear pal Tony Denikos. Life in the performing arts was rarely boring before the pandemic, and it certainly seems to be resuming its wonderful and occasionally unpredictable weirdness. YAY! 

So if you're anywhere near northern Virginia today, come hang with Tony and I at Lost Barrel Brewing from 5-8pm. It's just west of Middleburg along US 50, "highway across the heartland". We'll make space for you somehow, and it won't be any work at all to be glad and grateful to see you in 3-D.

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