Media and Presenter Reviews for Andrew McKnight & Beyond Borders

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"a deep sound and strong vocal backup from Beyond Borders… His words pull from the tension of complimentary and opposing forces such as rock and folk, tradition and innovation, the individual and society, nature and progress….McKnight's skillful blend of old and new truly shines on his updated version of the traditional 'Worried Man Blues'. With a heavy rhythm contrasting with Thompson's soulful could rock out to this at a big festival or get personal with it through headphones - either way this is a standout..." - No Depression

"“harmony so tight you’d swear they were all related. Andrew’s songs really shine, as does his amazing guitar work, from delicate fingerpicking on an acoustic, to hot swing on an electric. Arrangements go from bluegrass to country rock to jazz/blues....It all ends with their encore, ‘Surveillance,’ a little poke at the Patriot Act, featuring Andrew’s right-on Jimmie Vaughan-style playing. The CD comes with a DVD and if anything else, proves that only four people recorded this album. Four very talented people. Very highly recommended" - Minor 7th

"Andrew McKnight & Beyond Borders have kicked the proverbial door in and delivered one the finest albums to grace our ears this year!...He knows how to please an audience and he knows how to entice the listener with strongly constructed lyrics and a voice to die for. One Virginia Night slides fluently and effortlessly through genres like rainwater in a fast-running stream....His lyrical genius sweeps the listener deep into stories, experiences and emotions that stay with us long after the music has stopped. Some thought provoking, some fun and all addicting....This is a gorgeous album..."
- Indie Showcase

"‘How High the Mountain’ …starts with a ‘Seven Bridges Road’-ish intro and evolves into a melodic, high-energy tune…. ‘Safe Home’: a passionate plea for the safe return of sons and daughters from battle. One of the best songs of its type I have heard….’The Road to Appomattox’, Civil War history made personal. Tight harmonies and Thompson’s banjo make this song very listenable, but don’t let the performance distract you from the eloquent lyrics.... The recording is as excellent as the performance" - In My Opinion blog

Presenter Endorsements

"The sold out house loved the bluegrass and Americana mix.  The addition of your own sound technician added to the professionalism of the performance.  This concert attracted quite a following from our local folk club and furthered the cause of cooperation between arts organization to bring better programs to our audience.  Look forward to an encore performance next season!"
- Les Zidel, Producer, Artspace Herndon

"Andrew McKnight & Beyond Borders once again 'wowed' the audience with their smooth rich blend of voices and top quality performance. Virginia Tech and the Town of Blacksburg will welcome them back anytime with open arms!"
- E. Jane Harrison, Producer, Summer Arts Festival, Blacksburg VA

"Andrew McKnight & Beyond Borders are the perfect compliment to the comfortable nature of the Eastern Shore. The delightful harmonies and original music captivated the audience. They were enthusiastically welcomed  with their musical selections full of energy and life!  We would not hesitate to have the group return to Cape Charles."
- Mary Ann Roehm, Producer, Harbor Festival for the Arts

"I love their energy and personality, but also their passion and conscience. Andrew's melodies are a great platform for these four fine singers to weave into a beautiful aural tapestry. The songs are expertly crafted and engaging to the intellect, but also heartfelt and hummable. Their unique blend of contemporary themes with traditional sounds, as well as occasional eclectic combinations of banjo with electric guitar, are a wonderful and a one-of-a-kind experience."
- Karen Schaufeld, Wolf Trap Foundation Board of Directors

"Andrew McKnight is an artist whose unique blend of rock, folk, bluegrass, and old-time music paints a personal picture and a provocative illustration of life in the Appalachian Mountain region of Virginia and West Virginia. Taking his cues from generations of regional folk music before him, his music adds a unique richness to our present day culture and heritage."
- Scott Harris, Owner, Catoctin Creek Distilling Company

"Andrew McKnight & Beyond Borders kept the park captivated with your wonderful music!  It was a real treat to have a lunch performance then a wonderful songwriting workshop and another afternoon performance!  The entire day was a joy for everyone that was in the park.   I especially want to thank you for being so flexible and easy to work with.  Having such professional people made my job a lot easier and I couldn’t thank you enough for how understanding and wonderful you were to work with!  I look forward to having you back to the festival and again I thank you for making this year's festival a memorable one!"
- Teresa King, Coordinator, Wytheville Chautauqua

“Thank you for bringing a wonderful energy and inspiring performance to our stage"
- Bob Dagitz, Performing Arts Luray

"Andrew McKnight & Beyond Borders is a wonderful group of Virginia musicians. We love having them perform at our outdoor concerts, and so do the hundreds of people who turn out to hear their show! The band's sound is never dull and always easy to listen to"
- Melanie Johnson, Coordinator, Fredericksburg Area Museum "Sounds of Summer"

"Andrew McKnight & Beyond Borders truly took our event to the next level.  Their talent, spirit and incredible music, along with their caring about our cause, added so much to our event, making it a truly great outing for all who attended.  The quality of their music, along with their professionalism, made working with the band a true pleasure, and helped to create a special atmosphere for everyone."
- Susan Mandel Giblin, Executive Director, Loudoun Volunteer Caregivers