"What Moves Us to Keep Marching?" Special Music Service

Inspired by the 2011 march to save historic Blair Mountain in southern West Virginia from mountaintop removal, and by the "Arab Spring" that toppled dictatorships in Egypt and Tunisia, Andrew pondered the question, "in our instantaneously linked and frenetically overprogrammed modern-day America, what would it take to move a million people into the streets of Washington?". The election of 2016 provided the answer, and in its wake Andrew's musical service explores those powerful forces that sent Americans into the streets in defense of democratic ideals and human rights. As we contemplate the changes that we hope and work for in the world, Andrew’s words and music explore how and why each of us is fanned to flame by different sparks.

SUGGESTED READINGS (from "Singing the Living Tradition"):
Opening words: 442
Responsive or unison readings: 658, 440, 483
Closing words: 457, 560