"The Gifts in Our Genes" Special Music Service

With the explosion of DNA testing for exploring genealogy and ethnicity, it seems more people than ever are devoting time and energy to answering the fundamental questions, "who am I and where did I come from?" Though our present-day relationships with family may run the gamut from complicated to painful, the fact that any of us exist at all might be also be viewed as a mysterious miracle. An appreciation for the stories doubly-twisted into every cell of our being, and the odd and eclectic collection of saints and rogues who helped create them.

SUGGESTED READINGS (from "Singing the Living Tradition"):
Opening words: "These Bodies, These Blessings" (UUA website, author Erika A. Hewitt)
Responsive or unison readings: 524
Closing words: your choice, or feel free to use the following:

"Bless them all from their near and distant times on this earth, the rogues and the renegades, the saints and the Samaritans. Their sins are no more ours to bear than their accomplishments are for our credit. They swim eternal in our veins, and we each need each and all of them to be here; magical, mysterious, and even miraculous. It is their gift of your life – and mine – that we gladly acknowledge." (Andrew McKnight)