"Doppler Hum of the Highway"

When I was small
I dreamed of following every road
 to its logical end
 and its surrender to nature

Living on my high hill
 on clear windless nights sometimes
I could make out the far-off sounds
 of the interstate
In the valley below

When we would go to visit
 my aunt and uncle
 in their leafy subdivision at Damon Farms
Backed up against the never-dimming roar
 of the Massachusetts Turnpike
I would fight sleep listening
 to the Doppler hum of the highway
Dreaming of all those night travelers passing
 Artists and cops
 Truckers and thieves
 Boston or Albany?

Now I am a man
 and I am the Doppler hum of the highway
Tracing my solitary wanderings
 in the great American darkness
 between the mega glowing urbanias
Tonight I will go farther than all my counterparts
 for I will see my fair Virginia home
 by first light

I am like that;
I roar into your life for but a moment and vanish again
Stealing my place in the flow
I am the Doppler hum of the highway
 and I already
 miss you

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