"A Piece of Moon Pie"

An old favorite, short and sweet, from the seasons of the long dark nights, and perhaps more aware of our celestial companions

There is a shiny sliver of a moon
hanging in the crisp clear southwestern sky,
like a piece of cherry pie
through a freshly cleaned counter glass
that you'd ram your nose into
by accident
because you'd never see it...

And it feels like blackberry winter is here
the mercury is curling up
in that low part of the thermometer,
huddling together for warmth

Does mercury keep itself company?
I reckon I should ask the moon,
but I might wait
until it fills itself in
a little more
it might feel a little vulnerable
answering questions
in such a
scantily clad state

For tonight, I'll dream of moon pies,
and pretty smiles
and I will sleep soundly



Copyright © Andrew McKnight. All Rights Reserved.

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