WATCH: Nor'easter Cover Reveal Video

The pandemic project from Andrew's rock and roll past is nearing completion! Thanks to the beautiful acrylic on canvas original art by Rachel McFadden and the digital art and graphic design of Kathlene Sage, the cover for the Nor'easter legacy album Calm Before the Storm has arrived. Andrew writes:

" 'Fare Thee Well' may have been the first studio recording I did on acoustic guitar, and almost certainly the first time I layered tracks. I believe I was 22, and we were recording in a semi-working barn at Daystar Farms down in Preston CT. It's beyond cool to see the cover art come together with that soundtrack!"

And here it is, coming to life. That menacing electric guitar swell at the end of this 1-minute cover reveal video is that very same 1976 Fender Stratocaster Andrew has used since he was 14, painted in exquisite detail by Rachel.


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