Concerts and Programs for Libraries and Lifelong/Adult Learning

Andrew's engaging blend of songs and stories delivered on multiple instruments is a perfect fit for the diverse age and background of library audiences. He weaves tales of Civil War soldiers, coal miners, and immigrants together with his own explorations of America's backroads and personal genealogy into a dynamic and engaging presentation. From the humor in songwriting with kindergarteners, to the poignancy of life's small human moments, audiences are treated to warm and personal presentation from an artist willing to give insights and inspirations into crafting life and travel into "singable art." In 2019 he is now offering "The Gifts in Our Genes" interactive educational and musical program about using DNA in family history.

"Yesterday's concert was incredible! I had so many really great comments after the concert. People had a wonderful time and truly enjoyed the afternoon." (Pat Wishard, Washington County MD Library System)

“I have worked with Andrew McKnight for more than a decade, originally hiring him for a performance at the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley. His talent for musical storytelling as well as being extremely easy to work with (and one of the nicest guys out there) made it a no-brainer to bring back again for our local Rotary Apple Harvest Arts & Crafts Festival for multiple years, as well as the Handley Library's ‘A Little Noon Music’ winter concert series... the best combination of Americana/Appalachia/bluesy folk-rock, and it's good stuff - always a well-received musician!” (Sarah Daywalt, arts presenter, Winchester VA)

"Andrew was just wonderful! I can't say enough good stuff about him! A true professional: excellent singer, great musician and super talented song writer. His stories were also great and very entertaining. Our audience was WOWED and loved him! There was lots of diversity in his playlist, which is important to our audience. He has raised the bar - we couldn't ask for more. If you get the chance, book him!" (Music on the Mountain, Brackney PA)

"The skillful songwriter's interest in history is revealed in songs such as the Civil War ballad "The Road to Appomattox" and the soldier's elegy "Wind Whispers Your Name."...he avoids stridency by crafting vignettes told from the point of view of those in pain and keeps dourness at bay ... He also works in true folkie tradition, updating lyrics to classic material such as "Worried Man Blues"..." (The Washington Post)

Weeknight and weekend afternoon concerts and programs typically last 45 to 60 minutes, but are easily customized to fit your presentation needs. Ready to use online publicity materials including a press release and YouTube links make it easy for library staff to spread the word through traditional and social media.

See a 4-song performance at the Montgomery Chautauqua below, a literary festival done through the Maryland Council for the Humanities at several community college campuses. The performance features "These Shoes" about the struggles of an illegal immigrant woman, "The Road to Appomattox", "Wishing" (including Native American flute intro) and "Guitar Man" (ending with the traditional Appalachian fiddle tune "Bill Cheatham").